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Wildflower Price List - 2024

Design By Nature, Seed House, Monavea, Carlow, R93 T289. Ireland.

Irish Wildflower Growers (established 1990) CV | About us

100% Native Irish Provenance, Wildflower Seed Mixtures.

Wild origin & farm grown in Ireland.

We supply wholesale, trade and direct to consumer..


Free Delivery, Posted same or next day after payment. 

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Parcels over €20 value come with Barcode 'Track and Traceable'.


3 year warranty provided you take photos and sent each year to us by email.

Site must be weed free and our advice and instructions followed.

To order Mixtures, Plants or Single species please use 'Free Quote Form' 


Opening Hours: 10 am to 12.00, Mon-Friday, You cannot order over the phone, 
We have no credit card facility (as yet). 
New web shop coming soon.

Minimum order 50 grams depends on seed mixtures.


New 'No work' 'Chuck and Grow' Products 2023, THE END OF LAWNS???  ROGUE OUTLAW'N, 
Another world first, New product: 
Due to being copied by every seed seller since 1987, 
Were not publishing the list of species,
When, it grows, you send photos of the growth, and we will tell you when to cut it

For the trade: 
2) Peatland Ecosystem Restoration. see below
EC13, clients must email for details.
Winner of Ireland's Best New Horticulture Product 2023 Award by Glás/ Bord Bia & entire Hort-trade.

Normal Native Wildflower Product Price List and More Info ( T n C's apply  

Click the links to open details about each mixture and a species list.

Native Irish Wildflower Seed Mixtures - Free post - Prices net of vat - add 13.5% Vat

Irish Meadow Mixtures 100% flora - no added grass seed. 
Sow on to weed free soil
Links  MM = Choose by Soil Type, suits particular soils  50 gm 100 gm 1 KG


Fertile Top Soil (new top soil / NPK rich) 

€22 €34 €180


Clay Soil

€22 €34 €190


Dry Loam Soil 

€22 €34 €240


Sandy Soil 

€22 €34 €260


Peat & Heathland with a high peat content   

€22 €34 €240


Moist Soil (acid /neutral pH <7) 

€22 €34 €240


Dry Acid Soil  

€22 €34 €260


Moist Limy Soil (alkaline, pH >7)

€22 €34 €260


Dry Limy Soil (alkaline, pH >7)    

€22 €34  €260


Brown Earth Neutral to Limy (pH 6./6.5 to 7) 

€22 €34 €260


Free Draining Soils in High rainfall areas

€22 €34 €260


Infertile, Raw Sub Soil 

€22 €34 €240

Free post & 3 year warranty

Irish Garden Flora for: Small gardens


 GF: Garden Wildflower Seed Mixtures 

50 gm

100 gm 1 KG


Small Garden Wildflower Lawn Mixture 

€32 €50 €400
GF02 Simple Irish Wildflower Mixture   €22 €36 €340


Bug's, Bees n' Pollinator Wildflower Mix 

€22 €36 €260


Cottage Garden Wildflowers  (Tolerates light-shade)

€22 €36 €340

Free post & 3 year warranty

Click the link to open details about each mixture and a species list.

Irish Wildflower Mixtures for: Larger Spaces
Links   WF: Suits all sites 100 gm 1 KG
WF01 Traditional Irish Wildflower Meadow  - €34 €240


Biodiversity WF' Meadow Mixture  (Tolerates light-shade)

- €34 €260


Bird Attracting Wildflora 

- €24 €180


TidyTown - Avenues and Approach Roads  - €36 €240

Free post & 3 year warranty

Designer Wildflower Mixtures: Height variations- Suits all sites
Links   100 gm 1 KG
DW01 Short-Cut Wildflower Mixture - Cut every 6 weeks €28 €50 €280


Medium Height Wildflower Mixture - Cut twice In summer 

€22 €34 €260


Tall Wildflowers (No cut, cut in Spring)

€22 €32 €200
DW04 'Cut N' Autumn Sow' into grassland with 'Yellow Rattle'  - - -


Tussock and Hummocks,   - €36 €220

Free post & 3 year warranty

Click the link to open details about each mixture and a species list.

Irish Ecotype Mixture Range  100% flora - no grass 
Links   EC = Site specific mixes with appropriate species 50 gm 100 gm 1 KG


Annual - Cornfield Wildflowers

€20 €30 €100


Orchard Wildflowers

€22 €34 €220


Woodland ( Shade ) Wildflowers 

- €44 €420


Hedgerow ( Semi- shade ) Wildflowers

€26 €34 €300


Wetland / Pond edge - ( Seasonally Flooded )

€22 €34 €260


Seaside Wildflower Mixture 

€30 €40 €380


Drumlins and Cuttings Wildflowers

- €34 €260


Esker Ridge / Burren Seed mixture-

- €34 €300
EC09 Species Rich Amenity Grassland Native Flora  Price on request, - 'site specific' bespoke
EC10 Bio-Engineering Bespoke Mixture World Class & Renowned Infrastructure Specialists Mixtures and Advice Price on request, - 'site specific' bespoke


Green Roofs and Stone Wall Wildflowers 

€40 €70 €360


Flora for Earth Banks, Bunds and Ditches

- €30 €220
EC13 Peatland Restoration. Raised Bog Mixture Price on request
EC14 Upland Restoration. Blanket Bog Mixture Price on request
EC15 UN Decade of Ecosystem Restoration Products Price on request


Free Delivery/ Post 

Posted same or next day after payment. 

Free post Delivered FREE by  

Parcels over €30 value come with Barcode 'Track and Traceable'.


3 year warranty provided you take photos and sent each year to use by email.

Site must be weed free and our instructions have been followed.


New* Product Range = Individual Species, 

we stock about 180 wild plants in seed or as plants

Just ask by email. Click here, the 'Get a quote online'

Please use our free quote, by return, you receive:

Price, Order tracking number, payment details

and delivery.


For Novices, The Public and Gardeners. 

We Close in Winter and Summer, to Process seed

We Open in Spring and Autumn to Sell seed


Best service is by email. 

Ph 056 4442526 between 10 am and 12.30 noon

You cannot order over the phone, We have no credit facility

DBN is a Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine, (DAFM) :
Registered Native Sourced Irish Wildflower Seed Grower, Harvester, 
Supplier, Processor, Mixer and Packer DAFM Registered No: IECS-44

Mail Order: Delivered by 'Án Post' 

Provenances: Irish wild sourced wild flora / Irish farm grown. 

We do not sell imported flora.

A Seed Cert: Provided with every order.

Hand sow all mixtures. If you insist on using seed spreaders, add a few grams at a time. 
(Never sow with Per' Rye grass or other strong vigour grasses with wildflowers)

Do not mix with grass or sand, use 'Readybrek' type cereal as its lighter and white.
damp sand sticks the smallest seed together, not good....

Most mixes are sown on weed free soil, no need to plough or power harrow, 
Just eliminate all vegetation - work the top 2 to 5mm. 
Keep seedbed underneath firm, ie, below 2 inches/5 cm

Mixtures can be sown onto 'weed free' ploughed or cultivated clean soil, 
Soil fertility rises the more its worked. Never just turn a living sward, the grass will come back..

Certain seed mixtures can be over sown into existing swards without the need to turn the soil, 
these are stitch sown and rolled in. They require regular cutting x 3 time per summer in early years
They are mainly successful on poor ground, they take 3 years to establish.

Mixtures contain: Annuals, Biennials and Perennials, 
The percentage of each type varies with mixtures as does grass if added..
Hardy or Cornfield Annuals, from 10 to 15 to 20 % of mix, depending, 
Annuals live their entire life cycle in one season. 

Sown in spring or Autumn on bare soil where to flower, 
Yellow rattle is one of few annual species that persists in meadows , 
(but you can save seed of annuals and replant of fresh dug ground) 
Biennials circa 10% to 15% of mix, they flower between 12 to 24 months, 
mostly in 2nd year, if well maintained, many will reseed and persist for years.

Perennials dominate most mixtures 65% to 95% depending, 
they germinate in 1st, 2nd and into the 3rd year.

Perennials flower when they have enough energy, if well maintained, many will reseed and persist for years.
In most cases it is perennials that out compete fine grasses, but suffer from coarse grass and rudimentary weeds,
that is why 'You must' cut most meadows and clear away the dead foliage and then rake the soil between Autumn - early spring to encourage the self set perennial seed to germinate.