Sandro's Irish Wildflower Conservation Grade Seed Mixture:  

Range:  Designer Wild Flower Mixtures  (Code DW)


Product Name: Tussock and Hummocks, Tall - Can be left uncut

Product Code:  DW05 

If purchasing this seed mix, print or save this page and keep it as your reference as the species and advice change occasionally



Ideal for steep banks, which are too dangerous to cut on. It suits roadsides, industrial parks, waste places and anywhere where cutting is impossible and the 'look' is not as important as the function of 'No Cutting'.  This is not a mixture for small gardens or the faint hearted, but it is spectacular and attracts all beneficial wildlife species.
This version of our tall flowering mixture requires minimum or no maintenance and suits most soil types. 

DW05 is especially for large gardens, country houses and landscapes which need dramatic impact and where the mixture is unlikely to be uncut.

The species therein are similar to many other mixtures, what makes this mixture different is the amount of Biennials, a they are ideal for controlling grass and growing in matted weedy situations where grass is not removed.. 

This mixture contains species blended in a way that if left uncut can compete with grasses and will spread to form tall clumps of insect attracting flora. 
If it can be cut once a year all the better. 

DWF05 will act as a summer screen, and is ideal for sowing behind shorter meadows, up to tall walls and on waste ground. 

Included are particularly useful for beneficial insects such as Yarrow, Lesser knapweed, Burdock and Wild Angelica.

Mixture Specifications: 
Origin: 100% Native Irish Origin
pH range: Suits all soils, bar wet
Aspect: Sunny to light shade
Life Cycle: Contains Perennials or Biennials and Cornfield Annuals.
Height Range: 50cm - 240cm 
Flowering Period:  May to October.
Fertility Range: Will grow on any soil, the less fertile the soil, the less cutting will be required.
Wintergreen: Moderate 
Total number of seeds per gram: 1500

Species List: 
Biennials: Alexanders,  Burdock, Foxglove, Hedge Garlic Mustard, Cow-Parsley,  Mullein, Teasel, Upright Hedge Parsley, Weld -Yellow weed, Wild Angelica, Wild Carrot, Mugwort, Pokeweed,

Perennials: White Bedstraw. Bladder Campion, Common Vetch,  Field Scabious, Hemp Agrimony, Lesser Knapweed, Meadowsweet, Ox-eye Daisy, Purple Loosestrife, Red Campion, St Johnswort, Yarrow, Yellow Flag Iris,

Annuals include: Corn Marigold, Corn Poppy, Corncockle, Scentless and Scented Mayweed


Seed Sowing Rates:  
Normal sowing rates: 
Pure wildflowers - no grass no annuals: 1 to 1.5 grams per metre.
If with added annuals: Add 1 to 2 grams per metre.

If added grass seed: Add 1 to 5 grams per metre (depending).


Grass seed or nurse crop requirement: 

Nurse Crop: A nurse crop is not required


Product Warning: DBN recommends that this mixture is not for human or animal consumption. Product Warning


Your purchase: Contributes to DBN's work of creating crops of Conservation Grade - Native Origin Wild flora. 

You help us to inform and pay land-owners to manage native species and to assist DBN in handing on our heritage for another generation. 
By growing (some will be difficult) these and all other species, you directly help to conserve national and global Biodiversity and protect wildlife. 

You should also consider yourself another Irish wildflower grower.




Last updated on 09/03/2022