Sandro's Irish Wildflower Conservation Grade Seed Mixture:  

Range:  Wild Flower Mixtures  (Code GF)


Product Name: Simple Wildflower Meadow Mixture (Moist soil) 

Product Code:  GF02 

If purchasing this seed mix, print or save this page and keep it as your reference as the species and advice change occasionally


GF02 contains easy to grow wildflower species.

It an ideal seed mixture for any normal moist to damp garden or meadow. 

This mixtures suits nearly every soil situation in Ireland bar soils that dry out.


The species are all proven growers in garden and meadow situations, they are real easy wildflowers, ideal for beginners and very versatile, meaning they can be cut 2 to 3 times from 2nd year or just once. This mixture can be cut short at the front of the meadow, left medium height in center and left tall at back, cutting the whole meadow in spring and lower sections cut during and after the summer. Species provide strong vibrant colours in swathes and patches, at three different height levels.


Mixture Specifications: 
Acidy/alkalinity/ pH range: Suits all soils, but if you have a high pH  choose another mix
Aspect: Sunny
Life Cycle: Contains Annuals, Biennials & Perennials. 
Height Range: 30cm - 140cm depends on cutting
Flowering Period:  May to July, to September
Fertility Range: Will grow on any soil that doesn't dry out, the less fertile the soil, the smaller the growth, and less cutting will be required. The more fertile the soil,  the taller the meadow will grow and need more cutting



Species List: Birdsfoot Trefoil, Black Meddick, Cowslip, Devil's Bit Scabious, Lesser Knapweed, Meadowsweet, Ox-eye Daisy, Red Clover, Ribwort Plantain, Purple Loosestrife, Selfheal, Wild Carrot, Yarrow, Yellow Rattle. Mullein, Lady's Bedstraw, St Johnswort, and 40% annuals Corn Marigold, Corn Poppy, Corncockle, Cornflower, Scented Mayweed.


Annuals, flowering in the first year  

Photo shows first year annuals 


Seed Sowing Rates:  
Sowing rate: 1.5 grams per metre/ without added grass, if mixing with grass seed use 1.5 grams of wildflower and 1.5 grams of grass up to 6 grams of grass seed.

Nurse Crop: A nurse crop is not required 


Product Warning: DBN recommends that this mixture is not for human or animal consumption. Product Warning


Your purchase: Contributes to DBN's work of creating crops of Conservation Grade - Native Origin Wild flora. 

You help us to inform and pay land-owners to manage native species and to assist DBN in handing on our heritage for another generation. 
By growing (some will be difficult) these and all other species, you directly help to conserve national and global Biodiversity and protect wildlife. 

You should also consider yourself another Irish wildflower grower.



Last updated on 09/03/2022