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Trees, Buildings and Hills all cast shade. 
Most Meadow mixes cannot grow in shade, instead we offer shade tolerant floras.

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Critical info for us to determine what will grow

Soil Type ?:  EIRCODES are useless on soil maps

Soil pH ?  tells us exactly what flowers to recommend:

   Don't Know? Ask someone local 

Lime or Alkalinity refers to calcium present, 

Note: well water pH is not a guide to soil pH.

Is there any existing vegetation or weeds? 

Know your weeds helps us choose the best mixture for your site, 
Maybe you have short lawn or uncut rough grass, or you have 'killed off' the existing vegetation
What wild grows in abundance in the locality? Heather, Bracken, Foxglove, Gorse, Corn or Grass fields, Rushes, Rough/old uncut Grass, Dock, Nettles, Couch Grass, Thistles, White Clover, Creeping Buttercup, Horsetail? to name a few. 
Examples given are species that may require advice if the site is seriously infested. : In all cases Dock , Thistle and Scutch grass must be destroyed

Site Aspect:  South = Warm, North = Cold, sheltered = warm, upland = cold

You may now describe your site in more detail, type in box. 
Please keep info' short but concise. 
Briefly, What will the site be used for? 
Do you want tall, short, medium or graded heights?
Especially, Do you want: No maintenance, 1 cut or mid high (1-2 cuts) or maybe a 3 cut per year for a short meadow.



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