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By return email, we provide total measurement, seed weight required and advice from growers manual and/or bespoke advice. 

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All mixtures quoted are without added grass seed, unless requested or advised.

Seed Calculator: 

What is the size of your 'Area' to sow with wildflower seeds?  

If you don't know your sites' area size, Search web n' download a mobile app called ' Finger Measure '  Sat Nav enabled

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Sun & shade:

Trees, Buildings and Landscape (hills etc) all cast shade. 

eg. shaded mid-day, light shade in morning.


Site Aspect:

  South = Warm, North = Cold, sheltered = warm, upland = cold


Soil Fertility:

  This effects growth rates, height, likely weeds, 


Soil Moisture: 

Critical info for many species


Soil Type:

  We use Soil Maps,  
Open Irish Map to find your Soil Type
adjust transparency on map to find your location.


Soil pH:

  Please ask your local expert or do basic soil test (Link to help identify your Soil ph) same as above link

Lime or Alkalinity refers to calcium present, Note: well water pH is not a guide to soil pH.

Is there any existing vegetation or weeds? 

If you can 'put a name' to plants or weeds already growing in your locality, it will help choose the best mixture for your site?
Say what grows in abundance in the immediate locality? Heather,  Foxglove, Gorse, Hawthorn, Corn or Grass fields, Rushes, Bracken.?
Examples of weeds to describe: Rough/old uncut Grass, Gorse,  Rush,  Dock, Nettles, Couch Grass, Thistles, Creeping Buttercup and Bracken. 
Maybe you have lawn or rough grass, or you have 'killed off' the existing vegetation if so what was there before.

Your comments, describing your site in more detail. 
Please keep info' short but concise. 


Briefly what's your Hort' skill level,? Novice, green fingered, professional.
Who will use the area? How meadow is to fit into the wider landscape. traffic expected?.
Do you want tall, short, medium or graded heights?
Especially, Do you want: No maintenance, (best for wildlife) or
Low (1-2 cuts) or 3 cuts a year for short meadows, best for flowers and bees.
You can if you wish, also tell us about your about Budget. 

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