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Mr. Sandro Cafolla 

T/a Design By Nature


Via Carlow, 
Co Laois. 


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Sandro's Native Irish Wildflower Seed Mixtures

'Wildflowers are beautiful, educational, inspirational, great for wildlife and amazing to have around you, wildflower meadows are less work and cost and lock up more carbon than lawn, they are low energy to install and maintain.  My products once established correctly, will last for years and become more Biodiverse and colourful as the years pass by '.

'Older than the oldest antiques, brighter than the newest novelty' 

This price list open the kg price and then drills down for 100, 250, 500, 1000gram prices where available.   This Section is for small areas in Schools, Gardens and Patchs     

Specified by all leading landscape architects - designers, contractors and Sown By NPWS - Semi-state bodies - County Councils and Road Engineers

Most wildflower meadows require one cut per year, then rake and remove the dead grass / brash to allow for more germination


Suitable for all types of sites  - Get prices, advice and ordering - growing info. Delivered by 'An Post' - Guaranteed to grow via 'Seed Cert' 

Wildflower Seed Products: All Attract Beneficial Wildlife:

  • GF Range: Gardeners wildflower mixtures for fun, pleasure and leisure: 

  • FF Farm wildflowers for RDP Range for Rural Development Programs and Irish Farms in general

  • WF Range: Exacting wildflower mixtures for 'All Sites'

  • MM Range: Wildflower Meadow Mixtures by soil type

  • EC Range: Wild flower seed mixtures by eco type

  • Bespoke and specialist mixtures available.

 Natural Ecologies, Conservation and Heritage 

Since 1990 this micro business has supplied and assisted. 7,500 customers to establish 1332 hectares of meadow in Ireland. 
That makes DBN the most successful Non Government or semi-state conservation business in Ireland by far.

When you buy native sourced Irish species they flower at the same time as the wildlife that visits the plants, unlike non-natives
Native flowers can survive your local climatic conditions and protect local wildlife.. 

Your purchases also supports jobs in Ireland. 


We supply seed - by Mail Order : to Public, Trade and Wholesale

  • Gardens, Small plots, Schools, Tidy-towns .

  • Farmers, RDP, REP's, NHA, SSI . 

  • Choose by Irish Province or Region  

Cabinteely Park has continuously had a meadow grow from our seed since 1996-97


This site has links to 2500 photos sent in by customers or taken of my work. Wildflower Videos are also linked to



Home Page of Wildflowers.ie. Irish Wildflowers and Wildflowers of Ireland are brand and Business names of Design By Nature - Wildflower Growers . Database Web sites similar named are registered under .ie and .net.  after our brand names were registered as trading names or in the market place since 1990. Design By Nature, Produces of Native Wildflower Seed and Seed Mixtures, Plants and more.. reserve our right to trade using our legal 'Trading name rights' and the 'brand name rights' to trade' as legal owners, of the following Brands and Trade Names. Design By Nature. Irish Wildflower Growers Meet Sandro online:: Photos  | Videos | and more social media


So called wildflowers: 

Retailers and online sellers are selling American, Chinese, or European flora claiming that they are wildflowers instead they are cultivated flowers. 

Imports are not native Irish wildflowers and not suitable for nature conservation, and
they may not survive beyond the first year.

You will end up paying for more for expensive packaging / cheap substitutes. 

Ask the horticulture division of Bord Bia, or the Department of Agriculture, for a list of growers of Irish wildflowers. ie not just resellers and importers

All proper seed mixture have an Irish origin barcode and or E.U. Plant health passport 



Site summery: Design By Nature (IRE) supplies 60+ Native Irish Wild Flower Meadow Seed Mixtures from over 120 different species.

  • Garden and landscaper low-cut flowering lawns and wildflower meadow mixtures.

  • National Development Plan native species and wild flower for roads, landfills and civil engineering projects. 

  • Tourist industry use low maintenance flora and meadows for hotels and golf courses, weddings, sports events and garden festivals. 

  • Rural gardeners and wildlife gardeners use our wildflowers to improve the natural look of a garden and blend the planting into the landscape.

  • We also supply for Permaculture, Agro Forestry and Forest Gardens

This site was previously called' www.allgowild.com   

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Basic Support

  • Seed Guaranteed to 3 years

  • 5 years free advice, on phone or by email, 

  • Customer to supply before and after photos, showing; Same spot existing vegetation,

  • Site clearance, sowing 

  • Growth each year and close-up photos.

Measurements: hectare ha, 10,000 m2, 2.47105 acres
One acre equals about 4,047 square metres (0.405 hectares) | 4,840 square yards, | 43,560 square feet 

Most popular species include Meadowsweet, Poppies, Bluebells, Cowslip, Scabious, Knapweed, Yellow Rattle, Cornflower and Marigold



Email Contact us For advice and sales enquires:  
Address : Design By Nature, Crettyard, Co Laois, Via Carlow, Ireland. 

Telephone +353 (0)56 4442526. email is far easier for us to answer, as we are gardeners, we have to remove gloves, leave the garden and run inside to the telephone, we often miss it and message box gets full. PLEASE EMAIL




Irish Wildflower Growers - Native Irish Seeds & Meadow Mixtures for any Situation - Established 1990

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Contact / Address: Mr. Sandro Cafolla. t/a DESIGN BY NATURE (Ire).

Monavea, Crettyard, Via Carlow, Co Laois. Ireland. 

Ph: 353 (0)56 4442526 Email: info@wildflowers.ie

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  Plant Pass: EUPP/IRL/DAFF/2684  | Vat No : IE 3656298P  | Business Registration: 109182

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