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Meadow Mixtures for Novices and Professionals.

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Irish native wild origin seeds - Three year guarantee: Choose Now

Ireland's Wildflower Growers: Portfolio

Establish long-lasting meadows: Buy Now

Update 2015: Our 25th Birthday Offer: All product prices are reduced 

Non grass mixtures are Free Delivery by An Post

Handing On Our Heritage

Celebrating 25 years - Established 1990 - 2015

I pledge that our business activities help to save Irish Native Plant Species and Biodiversity. 

Your purchases contributes to our business turnover and generates a livelihood for the owner and staff. 

All additional profits from this business are re-invested in our conservation work & business development, 

We are saving species and educating the entire Irish and international public on our website. 

Genuine sustainability, real nature conservation and Biodiversity protection


Butterflies Love our Wildflowers

Bees Benefit & Birds Abound

The Best for Biodiversity 

Wildflowers.ie - Native Irish sourced wild flower seeds & meadow mixtures for any situation 

We guarantee all seeds, if you control the weeds

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Growing wildflowers is easy

Step 1: Start with clean seed bed. (seek our advice if sowing into grass)

Step 2: Sow and manage germination, send us your photos

Step 3: Enjoy and cut to 10cm after flowering, rake away cuttings down to soil level.

Manage meadows - cut and clear up every year after flowering  Learn How

We guarantee all seeds, if you control the weeds

Guarantee requires before and after photos


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Learn How with Help and Advice.

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Native Irish Wildflower Seed Mixtures Delivered by 'An Post' 
Guaranteed for 3 years via  'Seed Mixture Cert' 

Our truth is simple and unchanging...
Wildflower seed mixtures are beautiful, educational, inspirational, 
great for wildlife and amazing to 'Bee' around. 
Wild flower meadow mixtures are far less work than lawns, 
or grass margins and can save you lots of money and time

Our crops are native Irish Origin, Fresh (unlike many foreign imports) 
Our products are Irish 'tried and tested' by Teagasc, NRA, Co Councils, 
Waterways Ireland Bord na Mona and Coillte
Since 1990,  Irish public and private customers have grown over 8000 acres of Irish wildflowers.

Home Page of Wildflowers.ie. Irish Wildflowers and Wildflowers of Ireland are brand and Business names of Design By Nature - Wildflower Growers . Database Web sites similar named are registered under .ie and .net.  after our brand names were registered as trading names or in the market place since 1990. Design By Nature, Produces of Native Wildflower Seed and Seed Mixtures, Plants and more.. reserve our right to trade using our legal 'Trading name rights' and the 'brand name rights' to trade' as legal owners, of the following Brands and Trade Names. Design By Nature. Irish Wildflower Growers Meet Sandro online:: Photos 

 Videos | and more social media 

Our range of native species in our specially blended mixtures are easy to install, 
low energy and lock up more carbon than lawn.
Our products once correctly established, 
will last indefinitely and become more Bio-diverse and colourful as the years pass by

 Garden Seed  |  Wild Flora Mix  |  Soil Type Mix  |  Eco Type Mix   | Provincial Mix   |  Farm Seed

The early years before and after sowing are ever changing and the most challenging. 
Weeds have to be controlled  Most products must be maintained annually.

After five years the soil fertility will drop and weeds will fail to invade and grass will stay small, 
and more flora will appear from your original sowing. 


Site summery: Design By Nature (IRE) supplies 60+ Native Irish Wild Flower Meadow Seed Mixtures 
from over 120 different species from its web site www.wildflowers.ie

Basic Support: 

Seed Guaranteed to 3 years

5 years free advice, on phone or by email 

Customer to supply before and after photos


Measurement guide: 

hectare ha, 10,000 m2 or 2.471 acres
One international acre is defined as 4046 square metres. / One acre equals about 4425 imperial 

(0.405 hectares) | 4,840 square yards, | 43,560 square feet 


Most popular species include Meadowsweet, Poppies, Bluebells,
Cowslip, Scabious, Knapweed, Yellow Rattle, Cornflower and Marigold

WILDFLOWERS: Older than the oldest antiques, brighter than the newest novelty .






Mr. Sandro Cafolla 
Vat No : IE 3656298P
Business Registration: 109182

Plant Pass: EUPP/IRL/DAFF/2684.