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Wildflower Growers Manual

Specific Meadow Maintenance

Every wildflower meadow is different because it is sown on different soils & cut at different times.
Each meadow is different and will require slightly different cutting regimes according to your needs, ask for advice.
Most customers have tall, short and special effect meadows together in one wildflower scheme. 

Each part of the meadow may be cut at different times for different effects.
You can also cut different areas of flora to different heights to encourage different species. 

If necessary, get a contractor to do the work as they have the machinery.

Pathways, verges, & spring meadows can be kept short for plants such as Red Clover, Trefoil, Cowslip and Selfheal.

High summer flowering areas are allowed to grow and flower until late July when Ox-eye Daisy, Campion, Rattle, Sorrel, Plantain and Trefoil will all have finished flowering. 

Late summer or tall flowering meadows are usually placed at the back of any wildflower scheme and are cut last after mid September. Yarrow, Devil's Bit, Marjoram, Bedstraw,  Loosestrife and Meadowsweet respond well to late cutting.

The general rule is if you like a particular mixture of species let it go to seed but cut it soon after. If you don't like a particular species, the fairies forbid, remove it -cut it in full flower. Do not let it set seed.

The cutting dates provided are used as guidelines and cutting should depend on when the flowering season is finished or when specific heights are reached.