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Phytosanitary Certificate
 Phytosanitary Certificate

What are Phytosanitary Certificates? 

A phytosanitary certificate documents the origin of the shipment and confirms inspection in the country of origin by a member of that country's national plant protection organization. 

This helps ensure that the shipment of commodities is free of injurious plant pests and diseases. 

The certifying country usually charges a fee for providing these certificates. 

Phytosanitary certificates are governed under the International Plant Protection Convention, a multilateral treaty acknowledged by the World Trade Organization as the source for international standards for phytosanitary measures affecting trade. Phytosanitary certificates are recognized as an internationally accepted form of pest risk mitigation. 

DBN Seed importing / exporting Practice No 5

E.U. countries directives

The following applies in all cases except the European Union.

Prior to issue of trade orders (PO no's) from you the customer,

You are required to fill in the underlined areas of bold print.

Online links for the USA.

Please email for advice for Canada, Australia, Japan and New Zealand.


DBN Seed importing / exporting Practice No 5. all previous practice guidelines are now void.01/03/2009

To whom it May concern.

Import permits are required unless notified, please ask Design By Nature.

Design By Nature (DBN), The following form should be read regarding the import/export of seed related products.
In many cases small quantities of clearly packed seeds of flowers from reputable seed houses in small packets or envelopes are permitted except certain species such as certain vegetables or noxious weeds, non of which Design By Nature exports. 
Design By Nature is registered as a seed producer in Ireland and all crops are tested both in the field and as seed lots, and now will further be tested as per each Phytosanitary certificate as issued in Ireland by The Department of Agriculture, Ireland.

In most cases the import of seed is straight forward and only requires that we issue a Phytosanitary certificate and for non E.U. countries and that you have a seed importers permit.

E.U. countries directives:

Ref: 1993 V.C.P.C. Monograph No. 54 regarding the export of wildflower seeds to E.U. member states.

Plant health directive 77 - 93 - EEC 21st December 1976.

92 - 103 - EEC 1992.

Design By Nature E.U. Plant Health Registration Number is IRE-DAFF-2684

There are no restrictions within the E.U. regarding export - movement of wildflower seed except if Phytosanitary conditions are satisfied [harmful organisms].

Phytosanitary Tests are carried out in Ireland in an ongoing basis as to my seed stock by the Department of Agriculture officials.

Department of Agriculture & Food.

Seed Testing station,

Abbotstown Laboratory Complex,

Snugborough Road,

Dublin 15,

Republic of Ireland.

The following applies in all cases except the European Union.

Design By Nature grow our plants and seeds under EUPP. No IRL / Daff / 2684 and export our seed products under interstat tariff code 1209.30

Import permits are required unless notified, please ask Design By Nature.

Where you place an order for seeds in most countries in the world you will be required to hold a Plant / Seed import license from your Department of Agriculture (Plant Health section).

For the USA 

1. Visit the import permit site and fill out online PPQ Form 0587.(its code my have changed) the form is normally found at

2. Fax the permit application to (301) 734-5786 or mail it to the following address:
4700 River Road, Unit 136
Riverdale, MD 20737


NON E.U. Countries.

The following procedure is now the Design By Nature standard for trade to non E.U. countries.

The Department of Agriculture (Ireland) is also currently reviving all practices regarding the issuing of seed Phytosanitary certificates and the clearance of our seed for export to countries of final destination outside the E.U..

In the light or recent changes the following now predates all export-import advice issued by Design By Nature and will be known as:

Seed Exporting Practice No 5 2004

From receipt of trade inquiries from you the customer, We may issue trade samples.

A} Trade samples:

1) Wildflower seed Trade samples can be sent by post, without license by post, provided the seeds are not grown and are clearly marked 'Trade samples only- Not intended for sowing or resale.

(these samples can also be marked or shown as out of date / not for sale.)

2) Where the buyer wishes to grow seeds for the purposes of sampling, notification should be sent to the relevant Department of Agriculture (Plant Health section) in the country where the seeds are intended to be grown. We will require the relevant details as to the requirements of the final country of import.

In such cases if samples are clearly marked and contain the address of the supplier then where less than twelve packets are issued, in most countries the seed can be sent with out any further requirement..

Notification should include the address and contact of the department of agriculture in your country and the address of where the plants will be grown in your country. as they may be inspected.

Prior to issue of trade orders (PO no's) from you the customer,

B} Plant / Seed import license


1) Where you place an order for seeds in most countries in the world you will be required to hold a Plant / Seed import license from your Department of Agriculture (Plant Health section).

We will be required to have a Phytosanitary cert issued in Ireland the country of Origin so that the seed is checked under the particular requirements of the country in which the seed is intended for final sale.

If importing to more than one countries then multi licenses will be required.

Plant / Seed import license can be issued in the USA in less than four hours.

2) Once you have received your plant- seed import permit the Buyer should then issue an order number, and the following details should be supplied to Design By Nature (or to Willow design) separately from the order for the issuing of a Phytosanitary cert.

On receipt of a PO order Number, we will then advise our Department of Agriculture with all the relevant details.

Please include you full address.

You are required to fill in the underlined areas of bold print.

i.e.; Nos 3, 4, 6, 7, below

We will handle all other details such as;

The following Details apply to Phyto-Cert;

1) Name and Address of exporter and seed supplier.

Design by Nature. (seed producer ). Monavea Cross, Crettyard, Carlow, Rep' of Ireland.

Fax +353 56 42722

European Plant Health Passport



3) Declared name and address of Consignee,

4) Address of Plant Protection Organisation of your country

5) Place of origin. (Ireland)

Seeds sourced, grown, harvested, and cleaned in the Republic of Ireland, seed from harvest years/harvest seasons

6) Declared means of conveyance.

Freight carrier address and means of conveyance.

7) Declared port of entry.

8) Distinguishing marks

Number and description of packages, name of produce, botanical name of plants.

Distinguishing marks on Seed . Distinguishing marks on outer , bar code number

Name of produce

9) Quantity declared ;

10) Botanical name of plants.


11)Additional declaration;

All crops are inspected in field and have a European Community plant health passport.

EUPP no. IRL/DAFF/2684.


Cedar wood oils 00.10ml per kg of seed during storage & prior to packing.

date ; 6-5-98, 11-5-98

In all cases noxious weeds (Ireland) are removed from the crops and we ensure they are not packed into mixtures.

Except in the E.U., USA, Canada, Australia where we already trade.

Noxious weeds in one country may be not be in another, also certain countries have particular restrictions on the import of certain species of plants.

To this end where Design By Nature is not trading with that country we will require in the full banned and noxious weed list for the Importers / Buyers country.

Design By Nature already has all details for all E.U. countries and the USA.

We will also be required to examine for disease tests required and insect status required as well as quarantine species.


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Mr. Sandro Cafolla t/a   Design By Nature (Ire) 

Monavea, Carlow, Ireland. Eircode R93 T289

DBN is a Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine, (DAFM) :

Registered Native Sourced Irish Wildflower Seed Grower, Harvester, 

Supplier, Processor, Mixer and Packer DAFM Registered No: IECS152

Vat No : IE 3656298P | Business Reg: 109182

EU Plant Health Pass: EUPP/IRL/DAFF/2684.

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