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N8 Meadow  Co Tipperary

Conservation Section, Why we should grow native species. Design By nature - Handing on our Heritage. Design By Nature - Native Conservation Grade Wildflower Seed Producer: 

N8 Meadow. Co Tipperary

This beautiful meadow will be destroyed due to road widening project on the N8 Dublin to Cork road.  DBN is saving seed and plants from the meadow and will notify the landscape designers on the design and build team planning the new section of the road, that the soil should be kept set a side for re-spreading on the road side after the road way is built.

From early spring to late summer over 40 species of flower and 10 grasses blaze and rejoice in full colour, there are fairies down in this meadow, as well as Foxes, Badgers, Sparrow Hawks, Meadow Pipits, Frogs, Moths, Butterflies, Sky Larks, and Shrews.


We will have to e careful not to over harvest the seeds as they ripen, but as the road will pass through parts of the meadow we will take as much as we can from the parts to be destroyed.



There are Orchids and loads of Salad Burnet, both species are uncommon in such abundance in Hay meadows these days. DBN paid the owner of the land for the seeds and discussed the care and how the seed rich soil could be used on the road and in other parts of the field where the road will not pass.



The meadow is full of Yellow Rattle, which we hand harvested in 2002 and will again in 2003 before the road is built.

When your on your hands and knees picking seeds you learn a lot when you see a meadow close up.  The one is amazing for the lack of grasses, the density of flowers was striking about 90% of the floor of the meadow was herbs and not grasses.


Good News!
Kilkenny County Council and the road designers and landscape consultancy planning the road have been notified by DBN as to the importance of this meadow. Since our intervention the road has been moved north of the meadow. So the meadow is safe.

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