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Design By Nature. Monavea Cross, Crettyard, Co Laois, Via Carlow, Ireland

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Area under crops hectares

Bistort root 0.05

Black Horehound 0.05

Bog bean 1.50

Broom 0.50

Coltsfoot 1.50

Comfrey 10.00

Cowslip 1.50

Dandelion 1.00

Garlic Mustard 0.05

Glasswort 0.50

Lady's smock 3.50

Lesser Burdock 1.50

Ling Heather 3.00

Meadowsweet 100.00

Mint 100.00

Narcissi 3.50

Rock Samphire 0.50

Sea buckthorn 0.50

St Johns Wort 100.00

Tree crops 100.00

Valerian 1.00

Wild Carrot 2.00

Wild garlic 4.00

Yarrow 0.50

Yellow Flag 2.50

= 52,915 Ha

As botanical crops are processed /concentrated from raw plant materials to end up in consumable products, they will require large areas of land to fulfil the demand similar to Potatoes, beans/peas, fruit and oilseed rape.

Especially since many crops are perennial they will have life cycles of 3 to 7 years and take up 400% more ground consequently than traditional crops

Often the end product is consumed daily, weekly or monthly thus crops sizes will have to be large to allow for 12 month supply from one short growing season. .

Table: A comparison of types of specilist Hort’ production for Ireland.

AGR AREA: Total UNIT: Hectars VARIABLE: Botanicals

TIME 2000 2003 2005 2007

H.A’s 12 10 14 26

Holdings: 1 1 1 2

Source Educat

The table shows that there are about 500 people/business in Ireland with some of the skills required to convert to Botanical production, this is far too little.

AGR AREA: Total UNIT: Hectars VARIABLE: Outdoor:Flowers and ornemental plants

TIME 2000 2003 2005 2007

H.A’s 890 1140 1190 1970

Holdings: 500 560 460 410

Source Eurostat

UNIT: Number/Absolute value/Unit FARMTYPE: Specialist horticulture

TIME 2000 2003 2005 2007

Ireland 460 630 420 350

Ireland 460 630 420 350

Border, Midlands ... 230 250 200 140

Border 130 : : :

Midlands 30 : : :

West 70 : : :

Mid-East 50 : : :

Midwest 30 : : :

South-East (IE) 60 : : :

South-West (IE) 50 : : :

UNIT: Number/Absolute value/Unit FARMTYPE: Specialist field crops

TIME 2000 2003 2005 2007

Ireland 5260 5270 4970 4900

Ireland 5260 5270 4970 4900

Border, Midlands ... 1320 1210 1060 1130

Border 560 510 470 :

Midlands 530 540 450 :

West 220 : : :

Southern and Eastern 3950 4050 3910 3780

Mid-East 880 870 770 :

Midwest 270 : : :

South-East (IE) 1570 1620 1660 :

South-West (IE) 1010 1050 1050 :

New segments such as functional foods and cosmeceuticals has changed, the market for herbs and botanicals significantly over the past decades.

This has opened new opportunities to position botanicals and other natural ingredients in products that do not have to compete with synthetic ingredients.

The most potential for new herb and botanical products currently lies in the global consumer interest in natural and functional and beauty foods.

Opportunities include botanical alternatives to animal-sourced ingredients such as omega 3 fatty acids and plant based natural alternatives to artificial.

New varieties of fibre are also being discovered.

The EU Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive will impact the market because one can gain new markets using simplified EU registration procedure

The botanicals market, re: dietary supplement, self-medication and functional food segments, is driven by consumer demographics and health concerns. These trends include anti-aging, weight control, joint and bone health, digestion/ immunity, cardiovascular health/ diabetes, cognition/memory, female/ male health and the growing wellness and beauty trends.

Exotic ingredients are also trending, which is taking off in functional foods, as well as medicinal products. Such exotic include wild mushroom derivatives, flower petals and wild plants from farm crops, Bilberry and Cowslip being important.

Consumer education about the benefits of botanicals is increasing. Together with increased confidence due to science behind the products, market entry for new ingredients is easier.

International harmonisation of herbal regulations and definitions of herbal supplements, herbal drugs and herbal food ingredients are becoming more important in a globalised society

Most botanical establishments are subsidiaries of other firms, including pharmaceutical industry giants such as Merck Sharp and Dom and Hoffman-La Roche. Both with facilities in Ireland

Market Size & Growth

According to estimates, the global market for herbal remedies alone across all segments is about $83 billion.

Depending on the segment, growth is steady, ranging between 3% and 12%. Herbal dietary supplements ($11 billion) and herbal functional foods ($14 billion) make up over a third of the market.

The global herbal pharmaceutical industry (including drugs from herbal precursors and registered herbal medicine) contributes $44 billion. Herbal beauty products make up the remaining $14 billion of the market.

In the global cosmetics market, herbal ingredients are estimated to have a 6% share of the market, and are exhibiting the strongest growth, between 8% and 12 %.

Europe. The EU Market for herbal supplements and herbal medicines is currently worth $7.4 billion.

Future Outlook

The herbs and botanicals markets around the world are still far from realising their full potential. Market expansion, particularly in the functional food and self-medication sectors, is dependent on consumer education. In herbals, as in everything else, if consumers do not understand the benefit of a product, they will not buy it.

New ingredients and new benefits for known ingredients are still being discovered.

Nutraceutical, a term combining the words “nutrition” and “pharmaceutical”, is a food or food product that provides health and medical benefits, including the prevention and treatment of disease (Teagasc)

New functional food and nutricosmetics are experiencing double-digit growth rates and play host to many exciting new concepts.

Fraxinus excelsior, the native Ash tree, seed extract recently became medically important, a tree currently grown by Coillte.

Beetroot juice has recently shown cardiovascular benefits and could replace sugar beet production which has stopped in Ireland. When mixed with apple it is a tasty drink

Consumer demand for more nature and more exoticism in food will lead to an increased use of herbs and botanicals in functional food.

Sales of just 'Herbal Remedies' in the European Union Nation 2009/2010

Annual Retail Sales, over the counter, (non internet)

Million Euro

Germany 5,250

France 3,560

Italy 1.400

United Kingdom 940

Spain 560

Netherlands 150

All others 830

Total €12,690 Source. Educat.

According to European Union definitions, herbal medicinal products (medicines) are "medicinal products containing as active ingredients exclusively plant material and/or vegetable drug preparations." Vegetable drugs are "plant material used for a medicinal purpose. An herbal drug or a preparation thereof is regarded as one active ingredient in its entirety whether or not the constituents with therapeutic activity are known." Herbal medicinal preparations are "comminuted or powdered vegetable drugs, extracts, tinctures, fatty or essential oils, expressed plant juices, etc. prepared from herbal drugs, and preparations whose production involves a purification or concentration process. However, chemically defined isolated constituents or their mixtures are not considered herbal medicinal products. Other substances such as solvents, diluents, preservatives [or] may form part of vegetable drug preparations. These substances must be indicated." Constituents with known therapeutic activity "are chemically defined substances or groups of substances which are known to contribute to the therapeutic activity of a vegetable drug or of a preparation." (Commission of European Communities, 1989.) (This definition formerly contained the term "vegetable drug" when first published; however, this term was replaced by "herbal medicinal product" by EU in November 1997 [Busse, 1997c]). Some scientists consider isolated plant substances used as conventional drugs in pharmacy and medicine (e.g., digitoxin, atropine, escin, etc.) as phytomedicines, but these are not regulated as phytomedicines under German or EU drug laws (Schilcher, 1997b).

Source EU


The Global Herbs & Botanicals Market By Joerg Gruenwald of Analyze & Realize ag.


Medical plants and plant extracts. Traffic international

World-wide fund for nature publications


EU publications.

WHO publications.



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