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Payment Terms

 Payment terms:

Payment can be made by cheque or draft, postal order or direct to our bank or paypal.   
In Ireland we do not accept credit cards, we will when our online store starts trading.

International Payment:

We do not take credit cards, All sales are through  international bank drafts payable to DBN or direct to bank via international swift code. Ask for details on submitting email order.

Settlement Discount: Settlement discount is automatic to all customers with credit accounts Settlement Discount

Late Payment - Rate of Interest: 

The interest rate chargeable for late payment is the European Central Bank (ECB) rate plus 7 percentage points. Parties to a contract may agree an alternative interest rate. The ECB rates in force on 1 January and 1 July apply for the following six months in each year. Only one rate will apply to a late payment which should be the rate in force on the payment date. Read DBN Late Payment Terms