Welcome to an 'Irish Wildflower Showcase' web site.
The world wide web has opened a new window of opportunity for Design By Nature to show the success of Irish wildflower growers using our products.. 

We offer a service that guarantees your seed for up to the third and for some mixtures up to fifth year after sowing. 

Indeed, many of our customers try wildflowers for the first time and succeed, about 5% of customers run into trouble because they did not prepare the site enough or maintain the meadow. 

DBN helps protect ecosystems and genotypes of local plants especially trying to save local genotypes of common and not so common species before more flowers and meadows disappear. 
Your purchase helps us do our work, in return we make many available to you to grow.

Since the mid 1970's Ireland has lost 90% of its species rich meadows. Every new road, every new forest, every new house puts pressure on native flora in wild places. 
Farmers can play a major role in protecting wildflowers.

We don't have to say goodbye to native ancient flora, or wave farewell, to our oldest living heritage.

This site is the result of years of work by Irish wildflower growers who have collected seed from the wild, and then planted all the native plant species within this website. 

Wildflowers are easy to grow, in meadows or beds, we have grown them on cliffs, roofs, walls, driveways, roadsides, golf courses, for community groups and businesses, with landscapers and gardeners.  
There are 'Design By Nature' wildflowers growing all over Ireland. 

Please enjoy our web site:

Yours, Mr Sandro Cafolla.

Mr Sandro Cafolla. Owner of DBN (IRE)