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Species Datapage No 36   

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Species Common Name: Yellow Agrimony
Species Botanical Name: Agrimonia euratoria
yellow_agrimony_01.PNG (160094 bytes)

An excellent hedgerow species. Tall yellow spires set against hedgerow foliage makes this tough species stand out.

Management:   Allow to flower,  Do not cut hedges in summer.
Tolerance of cutting: Medium, 
Cutting time: None, Autumn.
Edible / Medicinal:  

Life Cycle (Form): Perennial

Flower Height: 40 to 70 cm

Foliage Height: 20 - 30 cm

Flower Colour: Yellow, 

Flowering period: July, August, 

Time to Flower: 24 months

Soil Type: Will grow in most soils.

pH Type: Neutral, Alkaline.

Moisture: Dry, Moist,

Aspect:  Full sun, Partial shade,

Wildlife Value:  Medium, 

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Species Common Name: Yellow Rattle
Species Botanical Name:  Rhinanthus minor
A semi-parasitic, summer annual found in a wide range of grassland habitats on soils of moderate or low fertility.

A Meadow Gem

yellow_rattle_02.png (220316 bytes)

Yellow Rattle, if it establishes in your meadow, will reduce the growth of grasses through it's semi-parasitic action of living on the roots of grasses.  Encourage it and let it seed at all cost, no matter what no matter how, Just do it!

and.........Your meadow will rattle in the breeze

Management:   Never cut from May to July,  seed needs a frost to germinate and the ground / meadow must be gap created 'Gapped'
Tolerance of cutting: Low, 
Cutting time: None, Early Spring, Autumn.
Edible / Medicinal:  
yellow_rattle_09.PNG (163745 bytes)

Rattle, Rattle, Rattle. for wildflower growers this is the Summer and nothing (well nearly nothing means as much to us, as a meadow with rattle.  But its only a low, dull plant and you can hardly see the colour,  I agree but if its present it means no work, cutting except one per year.  It means that you are a skilled wildflower grower.

Life Cycle (Form): Annual, persistent in grassland

Flower Height: 10 to 30 cm

Foliage Height: 5 -  cm

Flower Colour: Yellow, 

Flowering period:  May, June, July, August (on meadows grazed or cut up to May), 

Time to Flower: 7 months

Soil Type: Will grow in most soils.

pH Type: Acid, Neutral, Alkaline.

Moisture: Dry, Moist, Wet

Aspect:  Full sun, 

Wildlife Value: Medium, 
yellow_rattle_07.png (220451 bytes)

Hay or Yellow Rattle grows on the roots of grass & clover. It is a hemiparasite species. We stock three other such annuals facing extinction, Eyebright, Loosewort and Red Bartsia. They are all annuals adapted to survival in grassland. Manage them carefully. All are very rare & endangered with extinction. 




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