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Species Common Name: Ragged Robin
Species Botanical Name: Lychnis flos-cuculi
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This is the one of my favourite native species. Luckily it grows wild around my home and in our meadows. Loving moist to wet soils, Ragged Robin is stunning and worthy of creating a wetland for.  It likes many soil types in Ireland and as long as there is moisture it grows well.
Management: Easy, can be cut anytime, allow seed to spread.  
Tolerance of cutting: High
Cutting time: Spring, Summer, Autumn.
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If Creeping Buttercup threatens your clumps of Ragged Robin cut it just as the Ragged Robin flowers fade.  Do not let the buttercup get higher than the Ragged Robin.

Any other Summer meadow flowers will re-grow later, but you may have to control Creeping buttercup twice cutting it in May and June thus delaying the flowering of other species until August.

Edible / Medicinal: No Advice
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Life Cycle (Form): Perennial

Flower Height: 20 to 50 cm

Foliage Height: 5 - 30 cm

Flower Colour: Pink

Flowering period: May, June, 

Time to Flower: 12,  months

Soil Type: Will grow in most damp soils.

pH Type:  Neutral, Alkaline.

Moisture: Moist, Wet

Aspect:  Full sun, 

Wildlife Value:  Medium,  Attracts Butterflies, Bumblebees, Hoverflies and Insects.

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Species Common Name: Ramsons
Species Botanical Name: Allium ursinum
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Management:  Restrict brambles and nettles, 
Tolerance of cutting: Low, 
Cutting time: Late Summer, Autumn. after foliage dies down
Edible / Medicinal: Edible, Do not consume unless advised. Contain chemicals that can cause an allergic reaction to certain people, I eat small quantities, a better species is Garlic Hedge Mustard

Life Cycle (Form): Perennial

Flower Height: 20 to 30 cm

Foliage Height: 5 - 20 cm

Flower Colour: White, 

Flowering period: April, May, June, 

Time to Flower: 36 months

Soil Type: Will grow in most wet soils, 

pH Type:  Neutral, Alkaline.

Moisture:  Moist, Wet

Aspect:  Partial shade, Deep shade.

Wildlife Value: Low, Attracts Insects.


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