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Species Datapage No 2   

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Species Common Name:  Stonecrop

Species Botanical Name: Sedum angelicum,     Sedum album (white SP)

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Stonecrop is really a greenroof, wall-top, rockery or scree plant and a great ground cover. It can get out of control in alpine gardens but rarely with larger rockery plants. 

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Life Cycle (Form): Creeping prostrate Perennial

Flower Height: 5 cm

Foliage Height:2 cm

Flower Colour: Pink or White depending on sub species

Flowering period: July - September

Time to Flower: From seed, two years 

Soil Type: Very light dry, on dry walls, sand, seaside and quarries

Ph Type: Any

Moisture: Dry, but retentive deep at root zone

Aspect: Full sun

Wildlife Value: Excellent.


Management: as per rockery plants dead head after flowering.

Tolerance of cutting:  None. except pruning flowers.

Cutting time: Late summer

Edible / Medicinal: 

sedum_spectabilis01.PNG (157784 bytes) Another species is the tall Orphine, Ice-plant or Butterfly Plant, Sedum telephium Available from our nursery collected from wild sources.


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Species Common Name: Black Medick
Species Botanical Name: Medicago lupulina

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Medick is vital in many wildflower seed mixtures and best grown from seed.  Also a great ground cover for old farm yards, with the added benefit of fixing nitrogen at it's roots.

Black Medick attracts butterflies and bees.

Black Medick is used in agriculture as a fodder crop

Management: Biennial or short lived herb, control seeding if unwanted.
Tolerance of cutting:  medium, will re-grow and flower short if cut in spring / summer. will re-grow and flower in grass in first year. 
Cutting time: high summer
Edible / Medicinal: 

Life Cycle (Form): Short lived perennial, sometimes an annual if suppressed by more vigorous flora.

Flower Height: 30 -80 cm

Foliage Height: 5 - 15 cm

Flower Colour: Yellow

Flowering period: June to August

Time to Flower from seed: 12 weeks to 12 months

Soil Type: Sandy, light, or compacted clay

pH Type: All, mainly neutral to alkaline. 

Moisture: Dry but retentive

Aspect: Sunny

Wildlife Value: High

Medick grows similar to Birdsfoot Trefoil on this page
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