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Design By Nature's  Wildflower Growers Manual


DBN Quick reference plant guide

DBN Quick reference plant guide
Aspect Moisture pH.

Common Name

Colour Fl'Time Height Sandro's Wildflower notes 
Sun All N

Birdsfoot Trefoil

Yellow E-H


Creeping, excellent on dry banks
Sun Dry N Bladder Campion White H


Competes well with most grasses
All  Wet   A   Bugle Blue Small  Spreading, Pim* Dfseed*. 
Sun   Dry Chamomile  Y/white  Small  Scented, plant at lawn edge.
Sun  All  Cowslip  Yellow  Small Pim*, Dfseed* 
Sun  Wet 

Cuckoo Flower  Lilac  Small Pim*, Dfseed*, loves moisture
All  Damp  Devils Bit Scabious  Blue  Med  Pim*, Dfseed*Attracts Butterflies 
Sun  Dry  Fairy Foxglove  Purple  E   Small Pim*, Dfseed* Grows on walls 
Sun Dry  Field Scabious  Blue Tall  One of the very best border wildflowers.
Sun  Dry   Greater Knapweed  Purple H   Tall Ovb*,. Attracts Butterflies. 
Sun  Dry   N  Hypericum  Orange  Tall One of the very best orange flowers.
Sun   Dry  Lady's Bedstraw  Yellow H-L Med  One of the very best low spreaders. 
All  All  Lesser Knapweed  Pink H-L  Tall  Attracts Butterflies, ordinary plant.
All  Wet  Marsh Marigold  Yellow  Med  Pim*, Dfseed*Pond edge 
Sun  Dry  Marjoram   Pink  H-L Med One of the best pink to mauve . 
All  Wet   Meadowsweet  Cream H-L  Tall Pim*, Dfseed* Scented herb 
Sun   All  Ox-eye Daisy  White E-H  Tall View at night, short- lived species.
Shade Damp Primrose Yellow Small  Pim*,Dfseed* Prefers damp. 
Sun  Wet  Purple Loosestrife  Purple  H   Tall Plant into very wet or flooded soil. 
Sun  Dry  N Purple Toadflax  Purple  H   Tall  Ovb, Grows well on walls. 
Sun  Wet  Ragged Robin  Pink  S Small  My favourite spring flower.
Shade  All  Red Campion  Rose  S-E  Tall  Plant with Bluebells, likes shade.
Shade  All N Wood Millet  Green  S-E  Med   Woodland grass. Graceful. 
Shade   Damp A Saxifrage hirusta  Rose E Small  Wild parent of London Pride. 
All  All N Self Heal Purple E-H Small Creeping, excellent on dry banks.
Sun  Wet  Water Avens Cream  E-H  Med  Pim*, Dfseed* Beautiful! 
Sun Dry White Campion  White  H   Med Ovb, Loves a light soil. Easy.
Shade All  Wood Avens  Yellow  Small  Easy ground cover, easy. 


All   N   Wood Sanicle  White   E Small Difficult, alike wild strawberry. 
Sun  Wet  

Yellow Flag Iris   Yellow Tall  Cut flower, blooms best on moist soil.
Sun  Dry  Woundwort  Purple  H Tall Ovb, Supplied as rhizome 

Plant Reference Key

  • pH; N =Neutral or any soil type. A =Acid soil. L =Limey soil.
  • Flowering time code Fl'Time. S = spring, E = Early summer, H = High summer, L = Late summer.
  • Dfseed* = Difficult from seed. Pim* = Plant into meadow. Ovb* = One of the very best flowers.