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About Fertility

Wildflowers for fertile soils

We supply tall and short mixtures for fertile soils,

Tall plants in mixtures are used to out compete weeds on fertile soils.
Short species or regularly cut / mown mixtures are recommended to control vigorous growth of soil born weed species and grasses

On < 1/2 acre sites where there is a fertile soil it can be worth removing the topsoil to lower fertility but this is unnecessary.
Never remove too much topsoil always leave two inches if not more. In time your wild flora will build another topsoil, it may not have been worth removing the topsoil in the first place.
Topsoil can be ploughed deep into the subsoil or stripped off and used elsewhere. 

On very fertile soils sow 2kg more flowers per acre to compete with the weeds and cut more often until the meadow is species rich.

Large wildflower species will out compete smaller wildflowers on fertile soil, choose extra sowing rates carefully, seed advice 

Subsoil can also be spread into the soil or 'ploughed up' to lower the fertility. 

Wildflowers for Infertile (Barren) soils:

Infertile soils are the best for growing wild meadows with diverse or rarer species as the plants are more stressed and set seed better. Weed competition will be less vigorous. (except white clover)
On very infertile sites, provide fertiliser prior to sowing this will give the seedlings a good start in life. Sow 4kg less grasses per acre (except to halt erosion) and sow more flower seed as the plants tend to be smaller even when mature. (Seek advice)

Fertiliser rates for wildflowers:

Wildflowers do not require any fertiliser except when sowing on very nutrient poor soils. If advised to use fertiliser prior to sowing spread at a rate of < 30 kg per Ha. Seaweed powder is excellent. Always use a balanced 5-7 :10:10. N.P.K / nutrient brand. Spread it six days before sowing. If growth is poor and yellow add another 20 - 30kg of fertiliser per Ha. Animal manure may contain weed seeds it is best composted prior to spreading. 

Seaweed or powdered Kelp is excellent when sowing wildflowers as it binds the seed to the soil through with a release and growth of enzymes.