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Wildflower Seed

Wildflower seed germination.

In spring most wildflower seeds will start growing in about 6 - 8 weeks after sowing provided that the soil temperature is above 4oC and the soil is moist. Some wildflower species will only germinate when the soil and light conditions are perfect. Annuals will germinate in two to four weeks and come into flowering soon after. Note: Many meadow Perennials will not even germinate until the second or third year, they must be maintained until they grow.

Wildflower seed germinates at different times and at different germination rates, some grow fast others slowly, a few species remain dormant for long periods of up to 18 months while others will need a frost to help them to germinate. Please be patient.

About DBN Seed Mixtures

The amount of seed per species in each mix is calculated by seed weight per gram & the number of seeds per gram.  We also factor in the germination rates for each species and the final density of the plants per metre when grown.

  • Design By Nature wildflower seed mixtures are designed to recreate a natural succession of ancient meadow flora for nature conservation or landscape purposes. In every case, each mixture contains a base mix of species that will grow on every site and soil in Ireland.  
  • If mixtures are exported from Ireland we have to check with your local department of agriculture.
  • In all cases we base our species lists on our years of research combining botanical lists of Irish floras.
  • While certain species are chosen to suit your soil type, we can suggest species that will assist your design for whatever reasons. Such as chamomile for paving, legumes for nitrogen fixation, or  recommend plants to flower for a particular time. 


  • Not every mixture will grow on just any soil as certain species must have the correct conditions to grow in. 
  • Based on the details provided with your order we can then add or subtract species which our experience suggests will grow on the site. 
  • At we use the Western botanical classification system for our plant knowledge.
  • Our vast experience of what grows in your area provides you the customer with an assurance that is unique in Ireland. It is accepted everywhere that we are the 'bees knees' when it comes to growing wildflowers. 

Seed Collection & Storage

You can collect your own seeds. Wait until after the flower fades away and the pods start to ripen. Check them and when the seed is hard pick it. Dry the seed on paper and keep it in an airy place. You can use the seed to re-sow in gaps in the meadow where you want certain plants to grow. It is best to sow at least 1 metre square.
Wildflower seed stores up to five years before it will not germinate. If you have some seed saved or left over after sowing keep it in a cool dry place out of the light. Check for mice and moths.
A few species have seeds that germinate better when they get older so please do not panic if you miss a sowing season. 
DBN buys back certain crops produced with our seed.