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Broadcast: an ancient tradition

To sow seed, stand with your back to the breeze and flick the seed out at waist height. Use a wrist action similar to using an egg whisk but much slower, walk then cast the seed. 
The seed is sown very sparingly so take care. As you walk across the bare fresh soil, leave a steady straight trail of footprints behind you; use this trail to show where you have sown the seed. 

Sow the seed ensuring full coverage of the site. Mixing the seed with an inert material may help you broadcast the seed by hand but its difficult to then know where the seed is. 

Seeds should have moisture within 24 hours of sowing. Irish soils generally have enough moisture. Please take care when sowing seed to ensure total coverage over the entire seedbed to do so divide the seed and site into equal parts. 

Each handful weighs about 10-20 grams so you should cover 7-15 metres per handful. I get the best results when I sow either side of a full moon as there is always moisture available. 

Rain or heavy dew is usually present for just as the moon pulls the tides so it effects the levels of moisture in the soil & probably in my head as well!