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You are invited: Wildflower Open Day / Farm Walk with Sandro Cafolla - July 23rd 2014 -  (DAFM/Bord Bia/Teagesc RDP Annex 1). more..

Update: You can sow wildflower seeds until June as long as rain is about  

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(Press Releases) Read all about Design By Nature - Irish Wildflower Growers

List of our wildflower sowings for 2013
  • Kilkenny Castle

  • Blarney Castle

  • JFK arboretum

  • IDL, storage facility

  • St Annes Park, Raheny

  • Cork Airport

  • Kildare Biodiversity projects

  • Limerick Biodiversity Project

  • Blainrow Golf Course, Wicklow

  • Nass Golf Club

About Design By Nature, Native Irish Wildflower Growers  

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All About Design By Nature,
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Charter on growing native wild flora with an Irish version superimposed into the document to relate to Irish conditions.
DBN supplied wildflowers for the award winning celtic garden at The Royal Horticultural Society's Chelsea Flower Show 2002
Design By Nature CV
Design By Nature CV pre 1996
Index - PPublications
N8 Roadside Meadow Cahir, Co Tip, Ireland. Conservation in action.
New York; Irish Hunger Memorial Garden - press release
Pairc cois Feale, Abbeyfeale Community and Leisure
Press Release Number 01
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Unscrupulous Seed Importers
Who's copying Design By Nature's ideas.
Why grow native wildflowers?


Press note: Since 1988, The Irish and global media have covered the work of Design By Nature - Irish Wildflower Growers.  

The complete list covers references and full page articles in News print, gardening books, TV, DVD, on the Web and Radio (our favourite).
As yet this web site is the most comprehensive record of our work, you are free to use any material, herein, provided:

  • You ask for and seek permission from DBN (IRE) prior to publication, that you have read and agree to terms of copyright. see: Copyright: All Materials  and report contact addresses and such important details accurately. We will be delighted to tell you about our story.

Design By Nature CV

Design By Nature CV pre 1996

The Story of Seed

The Battery City Park -  Irish hunger Memorial - Garden opened on July 16 2002

Seed, Plants and advice were supplied by DBN, After two years and September 11 the garden is opened. Visit DBN on a Global Scale for up to date story.



Chelsea Garden Festivals


Curlew Mountain By-Pass

Read all about Design By Nature's success on the Curlew Mountain By-pass, the largest wildflower landscape ever done in Ireland


Esker Ridges, Co. Offaly 

Read all about how Design By Nature is saving the Esker Flora of County Offaly  -  Extra files on Esker Flora


Moone By-Pass, Co. Kildare see the results of wildflowers on roadsides.




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Monavea, Crettyard, Via Carlow, Co Laois. Ireland. 

Ph: 353 (0)56 4442526 Email: info@wildflowers.ie

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