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Design By Nature Press releases part 2.

Pre 1996.

About Design By Nature, Native Irish Wildflower Growers  
 Continued form
CV Post 1996

Design By Nature CV Pre 1996

1996: Products on Late Late Show Enterprise Program.

1996 Client; Old head of Kinsale Golf Course, after much debate we decided to take on a difficult job, under difficult circumstances, see the results for yourself, not properly maintained but surviving difficult conditions

1995: Well known Irish patron awards DBN a no interest capital sum to fund growth.

1995: Joint Venture with Willow Design and Publishing captures global market for High Quality Giftware and is recognised as a market leader.

1995 Client; Duchas:  Sow roof garden, National Heritage Centre, Dunbonye, Co Meath at Newgrange. site left uncut

1994: Joint Venture formed with Willow Design & Publishing to export market seed filled greeting cards and giftware.


#1992: Co founder of Genetic Resources Trust, Irish Organic Growers & Alliance for Safety & Health.  Anita Hayes of The Irish Seed Savers, Charlie Spillane and Sandro, Meet in Sandro's Home to prepare a talk on the importance of plant Biodiversity prior to the Rio Earth Summit The presentation (slides and a talk by Sandro)  is brought to the Department of Agriculture. After the meeting the Genetic Resources Trust gets the official backing of the Department and the Trust is launched.  The Dept' agree to move Sandro and all his plants into the Oakpark research station.

Corporate clients include Shell Ireland (Seed, script and images to 3500 schools). QVC TV, Timotea Shampoo and many others

1990: Design By Nature Market Entry: 

1988: Design By Nature Start Up. R&D Phase. National Collection of wildflowers is made of over 180 different species all tested in the gardens of many patrons

1988: Design By Nature find EEC grant for the conservation of species and notifies Dr. Tom Curtis (wildlife Service) about 118,000 ECU.  Trinity Collage's Botanical Department get the grant, at the start of the Irish Genetic Resources Conservation Trust.

1988. Design with Dr. M. Tuberty for the First Irish Blue Flag Award in Ireland for Killiney Beach, South Dublin.

1988; The Cornflower Response is Published with assistance from V.E.C & Mr. Steven Rekab of the Sage. 

Following publication of RED DATA Book Design By Nature alert public to the decline of native flora in Ireland.  Design by Nature  publishes (The Cornflower Response), ##. The Conservation and Utilisation of Wild flora. Our Document of intent to work with native flora.

The Cornflower Response is sent to over 200 botanists and environmental groups, Government Departments and NGO's. In the report we ask for a response to our intent to utilise native flora and we seek advice.

Only two replies are forthcoming, 

1) Dr Tom Curtis. Senior botanist with then forestry and Wildlife Service, O.P.W. now Duchas. Dr Curtis raised the concept of not importing non native seeds.

2) Dr Donal Synnot. Later appointed Director of National Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin.  Dr Synnot suggests that since Native Flora are being imported anyway its best that we grow crops only from Irish sourced seed. 

Both Botanists would prefer if the flora of Ireland was not endangered and that we did not need to tamper with landscape. We still inform both Botanists of our work.

Galway Arts Festival Meadow parade. 

Avondale Bark mulch Product Designer. 

Wavin (Ire). First  European outdoor Industrial Safety and Health landscape design.

The Wildflower & Environmental Outreach Education Service
Design by Nature's Wildflower Education and Training Service Catalogue. 
Launched at 7th March 1987 with European Year of Environment 1987. 
Funded By E.U. Environmental Training. 1990-92. Initial funding through SAGE, City of Dublin VEC. 1988,
Talk attendance and Trainees to date ; 34,000 , at Gardening Festivals & Clubs, to societies, senior level D.A.F. staff and most universities and horticultural collages including ANCO, FAS, VEC & Teagasc and botanical students.

Awards won by clients helped by EDUCAT;
Winners of Nations in Bloom (under 10000 Category), 
Ford Conservation Awards, 
NI Amenity Council Best Kept Award, 
Ulster in Bloom, 
Britain in Bloom, AIB Better Ireland. 
1st E.U. Blue Ribbon Beech Award 1997-98 
& Queen Mother's Birthday award , 
Trade; Blue Ribbon New Product Awards 1995, & 96,1998; 
member of team receives E.U./VEC Adult Education Teaching Certificate.

1987 European Year of the Environment 

Permaculture Bookmark / link to below

Hosted the first Irish Permaculture course with R. Webb. and R. Smith.

Tutor Dan Hemingway 

Course 3 weeks, covered Permaculture Design, LETS. Aquaculture Design. Forestry, Sustainable landscape planning, Urban Gardening and much more.  Introduction of Lets, wildflower growing, Permaculture & Green Cities To Ireland. 

1986 Co founder of Irish Organic Growers.

1985 Sandro moves from Dublin to Current location and establishes nursery.  

1984 Sandro and Rhonda Smith start selling organic compost and designing nature Friendly gardens. 

1983 - Co founder of Alliance for Safety & Health. Sandro produces first ever report on the toxic chemical industry of Northern Ireland and identifies toxic dumps. Report presented at the first meeting of Alliance for Safety & Health at UCC.

1980 -1981 Anti-Uranium Mining activist.

1978 -1981 Anti-nuclear activist at Carnsore festival.

1978 Sandro Cafolla while at school, starts commercial gardening in South Dublin and notices the lack of wildlife friendly plants in gardens that have been landscaped. 

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