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Update: You can sow wildflower seeds until June as long as rain is about  

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Watch out for Californian poppy in wild mixtures, Proof that it's non native seed. Watch out for the bugs that come with imported seed, like Californian beetles, they are a pest as bad as Foot & Mouth Disease.

If you want to copy DBN and really flatter us..........you could source seed from the wild each year, they could pay farmers to protect meadows.......you could breed Irish seed each year, breed it up as a crop, and get the seed tested by the Department of Agriculture as we do............

You could copy the composition of our mixtures, as the U.K. Industry has, but they do not blend Irish species to suit Irish soils and the needs of Irish growers........you could spend years photographing results for a web site like this one to help customers.

Design By Nature is the only grower of Native Irish Wildflowers

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Ph: 353 (0)56 4442526 Email: info@wildflowers.ie

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