National Transport and Wildlife Corridors-Roadside Wildflora-Using Native Irish Wildflowers


Wildflowers for Irish Roadsides:

N9 Carlow / Kildare  Moone By Pass, Bolton Hill Realignment:

Locally Sourced Wild Irish Native Origin Seed supplied by Design By Nature. Red Clover Species both Native and E.U. Certified. 

The N9 was sown By Tom Hussey and Associates and a fine job too. Tom is the first landscaper in Ireland to manage the roadside 'cuttings' flora during the critical establishment phase.

The wild flowers sown in 2000 have all grow well.  A 99% germination rate and they are wonderful.  The test now is can they stand up to 'no cutting' in following years.

moone_2001_03.png (194210 bytes)

0006.jpg (16592 bytes)

Sadly the best of the flowers had to be used off the road, unseen, on 'embankments' facing the old road and these were intended not to be cut and to attract wildlife, as part of a Biodiverse corridor.

However the mixture MM11 is robust enough to survive no cutting, but there are very rampant weeds, which germinated in the soil. I expect animals will graze this section in the comming years.

In 2002 Birdsfoot Trefoil and Kidney Vetch grew against the crash barrier.  This mixture is MM10 short supplied with species to withstand regular cutting and very dry soils.
These species added another safety aspect in the bright yellow colour. Sadly they won't flower all year! In 2003, I noticed they are present but not as dominant as shown in the 2002 photograph, which is a good, as the flora looks more natural.
00005.jpg (14780 bytes) The grass margins, I hope will be cut so that the wildflower species will continue to grow for years as the soil is perfect for them, rocky, limy and dry. 
If left uncut in the early years, grasses will invade these young perennials. 

On the day I visited there was a few Butterflies on the Flora, but summer 2002 was not a good butterfly year.

This photo shows the section that was cut by Tom Hussey. Our wildflower mix was designed by nature from species found locally. These species should withstand a no cutting regime once established, as many are tall and will survive in the tall grasses. 00004.jpg (9239 bytes)

Drifts were planted between the trees on the cuts 'embankments'. 
If the flowers all look the same, they are, but it is only year two, these are the early flowering perennials, give them another few years.

Species such as Field Scabious, Hypericum, Marjoram, and Lesser Knapweed should persist. In some areas in 2003, There were drifts of flora throughout the new bypass and Field Scabious, Marjoram, Ox eye, White and Bladder Campion had germinated. 

0008.jpg (26105 bytes)
Conservation Note:  (After the first stage of construction) The Carlow side (south) of the N9 Bolton Hill realignment was once sown about 4 years ago with imported wildflowers which didn't last very long. These are now covered in top soil from the Moone Bypass and that's about what they deserve.
Visit the M9 sown by us Illegally in 1997-9


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