National Transport and Wildlife Corridors-Roadside Wildflora-Using Native Irish Wildflowers

Wildflowers for Irish Roadsides:

Claremorris By Pass, 

Co Mayo

Updated Page - 27/05/2002

By the 20th of July the first annuals started flowering. The photographs of annual flowers were taken on August 28th 2001.

The little top soil that was used contained weeds and has caused some problems but the germination is good and except for troublesome chickweed all is well. Roads side are rarely cut so the mixture has to be very robust and vigorous to survive.

Problems so far

Weeds due to excessive topsoil in 10% of area. Reworking of banks for pipe and fence laying has caused a further 20% damage.

The county council has over laid topsoil on certain sown areas that had to be re-graded after sowing. This often arises on roadside projects and is due to the need to establish flora when the site is ready to hold the banks. Reworking is common place. A waste of wildflower seed but we supplied free seed to Ann Sweeny for such events.

(27/05/2002) An appointed landscape contractor mistakenly has since sprayed the entire site with weed killer and killed all our wildflowers, to add insult they then planted foreign non native shrubs, what a mess!!!!! 

wildflowers established on the Claremorris By-Pass.

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