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Places where wildflowers can be grown


 Places where wildflowers can be grown

DBN started working with wildflowers pre 1988. The following is a list of all the project categories that we have supplied seed, plant or Design for:

Biodiversity Listings

Design By Nature - design solutions using native flora for all of the following

Alternative Farm Enterprises 

Wildflower Crops

Genetic Conservation 

Tourist projects 

Wildflowers for Small Gardens

Wildflowers for Large Gardens

School Gardens

Sports & Golf Courses

Local Authority

Amenity Horticulture

Film Sets

Promotions & Interests

Garden Centre Displays

Industrial Listing

Sponsorship Listing



Industrial landscaping


The following list shows where wild flora can be used. 

Alternative Farm Enterprise:

Agriculture Services: Pre-Site Design & Floral Surveys for Farming & Farmland.

DBN Has seed mixtures for;

  • Amenity Farming Farming Conservation

  • Animal Farms

  • Country Estates

  • Country Gardens

  • Countryside

  • Ecosystem Protection

  • Educational Resources

  • Farm Investment

  • Flora with Christmas Trees

  • Forestry Flora

  • Hay Crop (wild grasses & flora)

  • Hay Meadows

  • Hedgerow & Copse

  • Honey Production

  • Orchard Production

  • Organic farms

  • Pastures

  • Private/Hobby Farms and Gardens

  • R.E.P'S. (Grant Aided)

  • Removal of Site Flora about to be destroyed.

  • Rural Agri Tourism

  • Tourist Trekking & Walking

  • Traditional Meadows

  • Upland Erosion

  • Upland Fields

  • Wildlife Associated

  • Wildlife Attracting

  • Wildlife Sanctuary & Reserves

  • Woodland Wildflowers

Wildflower Crops:

Harvest your flora
Set-A-Side fields we pay and you get a grant.

  • Cash Crops

  • Catch Crops

  • Contract Harvesting.

  • Contract Harvesting

  • Sharecropping.

  • R.E.P'S. (Grant Aided)

We also provide specialist services with wildflowers for:

  • Crop Protection

  • Soil Stabilization & Erosion & Gully Control Revitalization of Vegetation
    Nitrogen Fixing Species

  • Coastal Erosion

Genetic Conservation:

  • Wildlife/Nature Parks


Tourist projects:

  • Any Tourism Project

  • Tidy Towns

  • Tidy Town Awards
    Tourist Landscapes

  • Outdoor Safety & Health

  • Tourism & Community

  • Heritage Sites

  • Tourist ventures,

  • Tourist Centres,

  • Hotels,

  • B&Bís

Wildflowers for Small Gardens < 200m≤:

Click here to go to Gardening Web for information on small gardens.

Wildflowers for Large Gardens < 200m≤:

Click here to go to Gardening Web for information on large gardens.             

School Gardens - Click here

Sports & Golf Courses:

  • Golf Course Landscapes

  • Golf Course Roughs Playing Field Margins Leisure Parks

  • Sports Club Landscape

Local Authority

  • Civic Promotion

  • Sewage Works Waste Space

  • Open Space Landscapes/Civic

  • Hospital Wildlife Garden

  • School Wildlife Garden

  • Heritage sites

  • Resource Creation

  • Amenity Horticulture

  • Derelict Land,

  • Temporary Vacant Sites

  • Nature Reserves

  • Gravesides

  • Heritage Sites

  • Roadside Wild Flora

  • Railway, River & Canal Sites

  • Roundabouts,

  • Verges & Roadside

  • Low Maintenance Grass Cutting

  • Reservoirs,

  • Water sports, Erosion Control

  • Pipeline Restoration

  • Halting, Camping & Viewing Sites

  • Canal/River Reconstructions

  • Civic Open Spaces & Parks

  • Reservoir Landscapes

  • Derelict Sites & Refuse Tips

  • Military Ranges & Airfield

  • Industrial parks

Amenity Horticulture

Film Sets

Films to date:

  • War of the Buttons

  • Dancing at Lunasa

  • Excalibur

  • And a few more.

Promotions & Interests

  • TV., Radio, & Paper Journalism

  • Displays to Coincide with Events

  • Promotional Campaigns & Sponsorship

  • "Saving Wild Flora"

Garden Centre Displays

  • Promotional Campaigns

  • Product Development

Industrial Listing

  • New/Old Mineral Works

  • IDA Industrial sites sown with wildflowers: total to date 4 

See entire Local Authority listing.  Local Authority

Sponsorship Listing


  • Designed plant systems

  • Resource Utilization

  • Sandro Cafolla of DBN is an internationally recognised PC Teacher, 1988.


  • Construction Industry Advice

  • Show House Features

  • Business & Industrial Parks

  • Green and Sod Roofs

Industrial landscaping

  • Open Cast Mining Landscape

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