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DBN and the Irish Hunger Memorial at Battery Park City
Irish Hunger Memorial Garden

Managing the Irish Hunger Memorial at Battery Park City, New York.

A view from the hotel across the road at the memorial. 

The following is a step by step guide to the management of Irish Native Wildflowers at the Battery Park City Authority - Irish Hunger Memorial Garden

Dear Staff at the Battery Irish Hunger Memorial, 

The following is my on line advice and updates of how I suggest you should manage the garden, In all cases check with Landscape Artist/Designer Gail Wittwer-Laid whom Mr. Brian Tolle has told me to confirm every detail with, on his behalf.  Each update will also be send to The Special Assistant to the President of Battery city Park authority for the record. 


Tom and Eileen, Battery Park City Horticulture Staff, caring for the Garden on  the Memorial

DBN request help with a search for gardeners with gardens near Manhattan, who will host in their own garden a genebank of all species found on the Irish Hunger Memorial.  the city authority has simply not got the space for collections of plants to restock the memorial from.  The selected candidate would receive a free  plant collection and be part of the team, caring the living memorial.  

Once established the plants can be grown in safety and used to replant the Memorial's garden when species die or need replacing.  The genebank gardeners can log on to Species Data Pages to see how to grow each plant variety.  Each species grown in the Memorial Garden will have a special section attached to the Species Datapage for the Memorial garden if the advice differs to that offered to our Irish customers.  Not all the species are currently present on the data pages but will be hosted as required. 

We should be contacting the Media/Press in USA and Ireland to get support for the concept of the genebank. 


Untitled - 33.jpg (14308 bytes)Process, I will continue growing Native Irish Sourced Wildflowers in Ireland according to Gail Wittwer-Laird's species list and collect seed or prepare plants for testing by Department of Agriculture Ireland for Phytosanitary tests. to export to USA.

The plants will be then sent directly to the holders of the genebank in the USA, to be grown on until ready to plant at the memorial. The Gardeners and Horticultural staff can then collect the plants from the genebank and plant them into the garden.

Visit link Battery City Irish Hunger Memorial Gene Bank Project.

Following our informal meetings on the 15/16/17 July 2002.  I have hosted the following web pages which are the first of many.  The information will address the questions and answers required by required by the Battery City Parks Horticultural Staff and the Landscape designer Gail Wittwer-Laird.

The concept is that I will offer advice on line as per species and that the species data pages can be referred to for individual advice per each species as it requires attention.


Gail Wittwer-Laird and I have visited and emailed each other,  I am delighted to work with Gail who has created a half on an acre of Ireland across the Atlantic.  There are many problems associated with planting and maintaining the garden.  


Rarely do landscape designs bring people to tears.  It is an honour to work with Gail and Brian and I hope to be able to continue to provide any recommendations, seed or plants required to keep the memorial looking at its best.  

'A public visitor to the garden, bent down on his knees , kissed the auld' sod and cried, "I never taught I would see home again" then he kissed the rock from Co Mayo.'  


Brian Tolle has stated that he wishes that the Irish hunger memorial continues to grow as a living landscape.  I have suggested that we use the memorial to help find some of the remaining missing apple trees from the first national collection of apple trees in Ireland.  The latest national collection is due to the work of an American lady,  Mrs. Anita Hayes, of the Irish Seed Savers now living in Ireland.  Her work is based on a 1940's Irish apple collection and most of the lost old Irish Apple tree varieties have been found.  But there were many more species never recorded in the original collection and I hope to be able to help Anita Hayes save a few more.  I hope you can help as well. Click here for more

We appeal to the Irish-American press to help get this campaign started.



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