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DBN and the Irish Hunger Memorial at Battery Park City

Brian Tolle has stated that he wishes that the Irish Hunger Memorial continues to grow as a living landscape.  I have suggested that we use the memorial to help find some of the remaining missing apple trees from the first national collection of apple trees in Ireland.  The latest national collection is due to the work of an American lady,  Mrs. Anita Hayes, of the Irish Seed Savers now living in Ireland.  Her work is based on a 1940's Irish apple collection and most of the lost old Irish Apple tree varieties have been found.  But there were many more species never recorded in the original collection and I hope to be able to help Anita Hayes save a few more.  I hope you can help as well.

Hunger and Biodiversity go hand in hand, every species lost is another species gone forever from the pharmacopoeia and food store of this planet.  Hunger and Famine are linked to species as much to politics and greed are linked to starvation.  I cannot do much about the later but I can and do help save species from extinction.  In the 19 century some Irish immigrants to the USA, (it is said) placed the bud of an apple tree inside a potato, and sealed it in with a plug, when they arrived in the USA, the bud was grafted to an American Apple and I have been told that some still survive in Boston and New Jersey.  If you have links to the original gardens or farms planted by Irish immigrants could you please check these gardens to see if the trees are still living.

If you find old apple trees growing or your family has perpetuated these trees in a new garden but from original stock please email me Sandro and send a photograph of the tree in flower and in fruit.

Please tell your Irish Friends to look out for Grandpa's Irish Apple tree it is of enormous value to conservation in Ireland.

We will then contact you.


The following is an extract from Irish Seed Savers Web Site.  

The first collection of native Irish apples was made in the 1940s by Keith Lamb and was planted on land belonging to Dublin Corporation; tragically it was destroyed in the early 1970s. Anita Hayes working with Peadar MacNeice of the Armagh Orchard Trust and Dr. Michael Hennerty of University College Dublin began work on replicating Dr. Lamb's collection in 1991. Now all but 14 of the original collection have been found. In 1996 the Native Irish Apple Collection was opened by President Mary Robinson at University College Dublin and we now have funding to replicate the collection here at the Seed Savers site.
One of the ISSA's main projects since 1990 has been the rescue from obscurity of native Irish cultivars of apples, their promotion as important genetic resources and their conservation. Through their work, the ISSA has sourced and located over thirty native Irish apple trees which self-root from branch cuttings.  Although this phenomenon is not unrecorded in the apple industry, it is unusual and this national resource has the potential to be useful in other areas of hardwood propagation and future breeding and apple production.  In 2001, through Genetic Heritage Ireland, the ISSA applied to the National Advisory Committee for Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture for funding which would enable them to continue their work on the conservation of native Irish apple varieties, and allow them to extend their remit to include all native Irish vegetable and soft fruit varieties

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