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DBN and the Irish Hunger Memorial at Battery Park City, New York.

DBN and the Irish Hunger Memorial at Battery Park City

Battery City Irish Hunger Memorial Gene Bank

The aim:

To have a living gene bank of all the species at the Irish Hunger Memorial, so that any species which die or need replacing can be replanted by the Horticulture staff of Battery Park City Authority.  The Authority does not have the space for such a genebank nor is it desirable as gene banks should be kept apart.

The lucky Gardener:

If you are a gardener, or have the space and hire a professional gardener and would like to help please email Sandro and let me know.

The space required is about 60 yards by 1 yard: 

Conditions should be varied, some in shade, some in sun, some wet some dry and most of all ample water supply, preferable natural water and not piped.

The Soil: 

Ideally a light open soil with humus added, but beggars cannot be choosey.

The Work:

Not much, seed sowing, plant propagation and general care, If plants need replacing you will have to dig up and pot some of the stock for the memorial and keep some back in the your plot for the future.  I will also gift you other wild Irish flowers not used at the memorial.


I will personally answer your email enquiries and help you grow the plants online, I will send replacement seed and plants when required.

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