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Landscape Horticulture and Gardening advice for the Irish Hunger Memorial at Battery City Park, New York.


Design By Nature is official seed supplier of Native Irish Wildflowers to The Battery Park City Authority Irish Hunger Memorial.  This is our support advice to go with the seeds and plants .............

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Gail Wittwer-Laird (Landscape Architect) and Sandro of DBN, email each other regarding the garden, all our recommendations will go through Gail.

The following are typical suggestions for the Horticulture staff maintaining the garden at the Irish Hunger Memorial.


I will photograph real lazy beds throughout Ireland,  especially wind swept seaside beds on light sandy soils and host the pictures so the staff can see the desired finish.

I will asses species which grow in such beds and collect seed of  trample resistant species.  one species I noticed growing on compact trampled ground is Plantago media, is a ware resistant species which grows in central park. 


White Clover, planted throughout the garden is an invasive species that is not wholly suitable for the site, its climate and the final look of the Lazy Beds.  I would aim to reduce the amount by 70% in favour of sedges, grasses and wildflowers.

The beds are shaped well and are planted well with dry species for the top and greener species hinting at moisture in the valleys.


The plants and soil on the edge and tops of the walls will not withstand the drought nor winter wind that the site endures, to this end I have suggested using dead sods of grass (as for lawns) turned upside down so the bare earth can be sown in Autumn/Fall with Wildflower seed suitable for wall tops.  

The wall tops are the best place to have colourful flowering wildflowers many of which will hang down over the walls and make the garden look old.  In time if managed the plants will root into the gaps between the stones into the limestone mortar.


There is no real difference between these beds and those found in Parks in Manhattan.  However the Heathers are not established and will need extra attention if weeds are to be controlled.  

Already grasses are invading the heathers and these will cause problems in the early years.    Heathers can withstand periods of drought and should stand up to the climate once established. They enjoy a mulch or any organic matter that is not alkaline.

Pruning the Heathers will be a task as the wild heather grows upright and woody, therefore my advice is to coppice/ treat as multi-stemmed shrub removing overcrowding branches and encouraging new growth at the base.  The new growths can be allowed to grow for about 7 years before removing.






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