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  Castletown House  
Typical work load -working with wildflower when the builders are on site...

Sowing 2009/10 to 2012/13

Sandro's notes:
A plot of land was not ready to sow, when last we visited.
The ground in this area, has been heavily compacted and ripped open,, DBN had been asked to get the place tidied up, green it and then make it all flower. There is an existing meadow in good shape with plenty of species. including Rattle and Eyebright 


Contractors are finishing the sowing works 2012/13.

When onsite: We /or appointed contractors organize a site meeting, make all intentions known, listen to all concerns, propose solutions, train all staff /stakeholders, show visuals of desired results, = make field trip to nearest new meadows to discuss. where no machinery is allowed as the soils are only settled in these areas.

Insist on :

  • strict management of soils 

  • demarcation

  • good communication about sowing times is essential, 

  • onsite before they start. and just before each major stage.:

Builders are a law to them selves, they finish jobs when they finish, but we need to be onsite before they start. and just before each major stage of soil management is completed. and crucially when they are about to finish as that's when the final stages get laid out and ready for post builder period, where machinery is limited.

3 visits were made to Castletown, First to discuss with Head Gardener, then meet other Stakeholders, then sow .

Climate/soil: The site will likely go very dry in good summers and get wet and sticky other- times, The soil always remaining heavy, esp' where there has been disturbance. The soil throughout should be considered as fragile and in need of robust -soil conservation- management.

Sowing in wet weather should be with small/light machinery such as quad and harrow, or other.

Castletown has a number of layers of history, in its soil, Please respect or heritage..

I have previously recommended MM10 alkaline brown earth. Also MM09 could be sown on any clearly well drained sections, along the ridge rise of the bank to the riverside. Grass seed can be added for erosion control and ware/tear. (see Native Wildflower Seed Mixtures - Price List price list for mixture spec's) 

Seed germinating 2010
  Sowing period . Late May/ June 2010
Area 3)
The front field by the pond and not including the slope of the bank to the pond,  (excavated silt holding area)
 Front field (right side) adjacent to the pond

3a) A meadow mixture to blend into the front lawn meadow.
Recommended wildflower seed mixtures MM10, All mixture were further bespoke.
 Seed germinating 2010
  Area 2) Pond Bank.
A 230 metre long strip, below the front field and not including the top of the bank/front field.
For this area, I would recommend two different seed mixtures.
2a) The bank. 230m x average 4 metres = 920 metres
2b) water margin 230 metres
Recommended wildflower seed mixtures GF05 Bespoke, EC05
Species included on spec sheet .

All mixture were further bespoke.

Seed germinating 2010



Seed germinating on the the driest of compacted, trampled, warn, eroded Soil and still wildflowers colonize it. 


Germinating wildflowers colonize the bank.....indeed

any surface known to humankind! 

Seed germinating 2010
  This area was over sow into grasses that had not been properly eradicated, the re-growth of grass and weeds will most likely smother many just germinating wildflowers. yes even in the shade, we were able to establish a green cover, and as its beside the path, will benefit from occasional grass cutting and weed control.  
Seed germinating 2010
  Seed germinating 2010  


other notes: No case study compleated.

Area 4)
silt area and track to B.langley fertile soil, by Haw haw/ hedgerow
For this area, I would recommend
4a) A fertile meadow mixture to blend into the front lawn meadow. and to signify a change in landscape 
Recommended wildflower seed mixtures EC04 with bluebell and MM10 modified, Species included on spec sheet 4.

Area 5)
silt mound @ B.langley , woodland glade.
weedy fertile  needing herbicide during summer 2010, reported as previously toxic soil. Trees have been long-term recommended for this site.' esp willow as a pioneer species

For this area, I would recommend
5a) A tall fertile mixture to control weed, protect saplings and encourage wildlife
Recommended wildflower seed mixtures GF05/GF03 with bluebell , 

5b) Trials in front meadow , as per discussion

DBN has worked on the Castletown house project since >1987, When John Totcher of ECO and An Taisce held a weekend of drain cleaning, when some brave teenage girls, and DBN staff (formally Organic Earthworm), as well as ECO, cleaned the main drains to relieve the flooding throughout the woodland to the right or Castletown side of the house,
under the directorship of landscape architect Paddy Bowe. the entire woods were relieved from serious flooding and subsequent damage..
It was DBN's first every public workshop whilst doing the work as well. Eco environmental training long before there were eco warriors.

Design By Nature - design solutions using native flora for all of the following

Alternative Farm Enterprises 

Wildflower Crops

Genetic Conservation 

Tourist projects 

Wildflowers for Small Gardens

Wildflowers for Large Gardens

School Gardens

Sports & Golf Courses

Local Authority

Amenity Horticulture

Film Sets

Promotions & Interests

Garden Centre Displays

Industrial Listing

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Industrial landscaping


The following list shows where wild flora can be used. 

Alternative Farm Enterprise:

Agriculture Services: Pre-Site Design & Floral Surveys for Farming & Farmland.

DBN Has seed mixtures for;

  • Amenity Farming Farming Conservation

  • Animal Farms

  • Country Estates

  • Country Gardens

  • Countryside

  • Ecosystem Protection

  • Educational Resources

  • Farm Investment

  • Flora with Christmas Trees

  • Forestry Flora

  • Hay Crop (wild grasses & flora)

  • Hay Meadows

  • Hedgerow & Copse

  • Honey Production

  • Orchard Production

  • Organic farms

  • Pastures

  • Private/Hobby Farms and Gardens

  • R.E.P'S. (Grant Aided)

  • Removal of Site Flora about to be destroyed.

  • Rural Agri Tourism

  • Tourist Trekking & Walking

  • Traditional Meadows

  • Upland Erosion

  • Upland Fields

  • Wildlife Associated

  • Wildlife Attracting

  • Wildlife Sanctuary & Reserves

  • Woodland Wildflowers

Wildflower Crops:

Harvest your flora
Set-A-Side fields we pay and you get a grant.

  • Cash Crops

  • Catch Crops

  • Contract Harvesting.

  • Contract Harvesting

  • Sharecropping.

  • R.E.P'S. (Grant Aided)

We also provide specialist services with wildflowers for:

  • Crop Protection

  • Soil Stabilization & Erosion & Gully Control Revitalization of Vegetation
    Nitrogen Fixing Species

  • Coastal Erosion

Genetic Conservation:

  • Wildlife/Nature Parks


Tourist projects:

  • Any Tourism Project

  • Tidy Towns

  • Tidy Town Awards
    Tourist Landscapes

  • Outdoor Safety & Health

  • Tourism & Community

  • Heritage Sites

  • Tourist ventures,

  • Tourist Centres,

  • Hotels,

  • B&Bís

Wildflowers for Small Gardens < 200m≤:

Click here to go to Gardening Web for information on small gardens.

Wildflowers for Large Gardens < 200m≤:

Click here to go to Gardening Web for information on large gardens.             

School Gardens - Click here

Sports & Golf Courses:

  • Golf Course Landscapes

  • Golf Course Roughs Playing Field Margins Leisure Parks

  • Sports Club Landscape

Local Authority

  • Civic Promotion

  • Sewage Works Waste Space

  • Open Space Landscapes/Civic

  • Hospital Wildlife Garden

  • School Wildlife Garden

  • Heritage sites

  • Resource Creation

  • Amenity Horticulture

  • Derelict Land,

  • Temporary Vacant Sites

  • Nature Reserves

  • Gravesides

  • Heritage Sites

  • Roadside Wild Flora

  • Railway, River & Canal Sites

  • Roundabouts,

  • Verges & Roadside

  • Low Maintenance Grass Cutting

  • Reservoirs,

  • Water sports, Erosion Control

  • Pipeline Restoration

  • Halting, Camping & Viewing Sites

  • Canal/River Reconstructions

  • Civic Open Spaces & Parks

  • Reservoir Landscapes

  • Derelict Sites & Refuse Tips

  • Military Ranges & Airfield

  • Industrial parks

Amenity Horticulture

Film Sets

Films to date:

  • War of the Buttons

  • Dancing at Lunasa

  • Excalibur

  • And a few more.

Promotions & Interests

  • TV., Radio, & Paper Journalism

  • Displays to Coincide with Events

  • Promotional Campaigns & Sponsorship

  • "Saving Wild Flora"

Garden Centre Displays

  • Promotional Campaigns

  • Product Development

Industrial Listing

  • New/Old Mineral Works

  • IDA Industrial sites sown with wildflowers: total to date 4 

See entire Local Authority listing.  Local Authority

Sponsorship Listing


  • Designed plant systems

  • Resource Utilization

  • Sandro Cafolla of DBN is an internationally recognised PC Teacher, 1988.


  • Construction Industry Advice

  • Show House Features

  • Business & Industrial Parks

  • Green and Sod Roofs

Industrial landscaping

  • Open Cast Mining Landscape 

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