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Landscape Design with Wildflowers 



From little acorns grow.... PAIRC cois FEALE. 


This section deals with Car Park, Buildings, Play Equipment and Maintenance Yards.

Car Park
Design seeks to create a safe car park where children can be encouraged to follow a pathway without endangering themselves in the central traffic area of the car park.

This design must be observed on a yearly basis to check if it is working.
The proposed fencing, lighting, road markings and gates will all need regular maintenance.
Get Tarmac quotes / Try Gravel, no markings / Brick edges / concrete and gravel / Curbing / Gates, / Lights

A child safe fence needs to be erected around the car park. 
The following drawing shows the perceived movement of children when they alight from a car and rush to the playground, across the traffic. 

Main construction.
Site Office, Wash room, Public Toilets and lock up.
Situated by the main road at the main car park.
Single story , four - six rooms, floor area required 30 m 2 at 190m2 5,700.00
self built cost 100 per m 2 3,000.

A = Women's toilet B = Men's C = Disabled 

Construct toilet facility with tool room to the rear and storage / office and administration room to front.
Provide basic washroom for staff.
An engineer or architect needs to be employed to design the toilets in an manner that suits all other construction in the park. The design should be finished in the timber chosen for the park and the design must match the pavilion in style.
Mr T. O'Connor needs to explore the cost of a two storey high building and the increased cost of having to have it built, by a subcontractor,

Toilet facilities 
Toilet facilities should include, toilets for the disabled, nappy changing area, shelter and small interpretative display. Sited near the entrance.

Litter bins 
Place easily visible and manageable litter bins near access points. See litterbin catalogue.

Code of conduct
Publicise a code of conduct for visitors to the Park including fishermen.

Details: Construct the pavilion from play ground poles (uprights) 4-6'' dia', like those used to construct play equipment.

Cover the roof with timber as used in fence and chainlink except treat it in straw yellow timber stain.
Construct a concrete base and sink footers (yellow) for the uprights. Ensure footers can bolt to uprights 

The frame concealed under the roof will give the structure support. Clad the roof with felt and waterproof membrane and include a nest box in the design in the roof.
The carpenter employed to build the play equipment can also construct the pavilion.


Play maze.
Level the field bank and ditch to half way down the field, use the soil in the maze.
Locate good topsoil to cover maze to 50cm.
Provide drainage piping under playmaze pathway.
Mound Playmaze according to drawing no.
Temporarily fence off and plant.
(open in May 1998)

Site seating in areas with the best views and sheltered from wind.

Ensure early completion of shaping and layout of all pathways.
Completion of all major pathways including walks, steps and down slopes.
Completion of Picnic areas prior to opening.
All pathways to be finished with a camber to the centre of the path to keep rain water shedding to the drains. Drains can be hand dug to little more than a 2'' depression on either side of the paths. Drains to run into the main field drains 

Peg out all secondary non surfaced paths and prepare for wood chip and planting. Dig to 62 fill to 2" hard-core and drainage pipe.
Search for cheap supplies of sawdust, straw, bark mulch and wood chip to fill up to 4". 
Cover with 1" bark mulch path grade

Use treated 3" # 2" larch wood risers and metal pegs if they can be got. Back fill with < 2" hogging and surface with 1/2 pebble dry mixed with dry cement. Allow for slope off surface of finished dry concrete to flow into drain pipes on either side.

To finish banks, spread fine soil , sow grass seed and wild flower seed ( code mm6) and cover with hessian, in 1 or 2 metre strips at 80p per metre. when the seed grows into the hessian it will form solid soil retention mat.
Three types of fencing are to be used.
Security barriers are also being considered.
Constructed post and chainlink, 200m2 with vertical slatted wood finish.
At car park and entrances.
At main playground.
Split Chestnut fencing
800m2 x 3 Purchased in 30' long x 3' high lengths 90 units x 35 All permanent barriers. Also use as temporary barriers to establish plants etc. 

3) Chainlink 6ft high 
To surround yard 180 m Use tanalized metal posts and concrete footings to 3' below surface, get 2" green chainlink.

Rolls of fencing, stakes, wire nails, 8 gauge bull wire and strainers.
Erect fencing around all shrub and tree areas to be planted, if budget allows.
Fencing sourced from Solecon 045 21522, Enterprise Centre, Kildare.
The Gardening / Park Maintenance Staff will require:
Security barriers 90 units 

Gates and Management
Gates - appoint key holders - 24 hr in case of emergency.
Ensure gate includes Logo design.

Maintenance Yards
Near river so staff can watch for water safety.
Size of yard to be pegged out.
Hidden away out of sight..
Allowance for two sheds.
no 1 as lock up, sub office and workers canteen.
no 2 as open store, with doors away from prevailing wind.

Possible Problems
Fence off all gates to play bark and allow no access to field 1 + 2 for dogs.
The fencing arrangement uses the fencing to protect trees and shrubs and also to act as a barrier to dogs.
Signs: Please keep dogs on a leash.( See also section on sign posting)
Dogs can be intimidating to children and canine excrement can ruin play spaces as well as creating a health risk.
A code of practice needs to be drawn up for dog owners and should be monitored by one or more persons. The people who use the Park most regularly can implement code of practice.

Site Clearance

Existing rubbish and construction rubbish removal (appoint responsible person).
During short term construction - remove huts - clear stones and keep removing bramble bush - debris etc. prior to opening

Codes of Practice
A warning system should be used and names of people who get warnings should be listed in local parish paper or on park notice board (for abusers of Park rules).

Appoint solicitor

Alcohol on the premises should be an offence after 6pm.
Glass, fires and teenage drinking.
How can it be catered for?
How can it be avoided?

Mulching is used to kill weeds, improve growth and hold moisture in the soil.
this would be an excellent activity for the local community to start when all the shrub and upper tree beds were planted. Mulching is carried out by, draining if necessary, planting, feeding with slow release fertiliser, and then spreading newspapers, cardboard or commercial mulch matting over the soil. Ensure that there are no gaps where weeds can grow. To do so overlap the paper by at least 6 " in all directions.
Finally cover the paper or matting with any weed free material.
ie. Straw in bales or the round, gravel, bark mulch, (appropriate for around car park). Do not use hay as it contains grass seeds.

It is best to mulch a large area at once and worthwhile weighing down a mulch of straw so that it does not blow away.

If any weeds do grow through the mulch, kill them as soon as possible as weed like plants grow very fast on a mulch.

Growth of plants is proven in tests to be up to three times faster and over a few years a mulch is really worth the extra time in laying it.

Always keep the edges of a mulch up to a clean weed free surface such as a path or a wall, as the weeds tend to grow back in over the top . At our nursery we can commercially produce field grown crops without weeding for up to four years provided the mulch is properly laid.

When mulching around plants, trees or shrubs run the paper up to the side of the plant and form a collar. It is at the collar that weeds are most likely to grow.

From time to time a mulch requires topping up. If regularly carried out a mulch can be extended to the point where weeds cannot grow as the plants are now blocking out the sun light.
If a major shrub pruning takes place in a bed, it is best to remulch at that time.


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