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Landscape Design with Wildflowers



From little acorns grow.... PAIRC cois FEALE. 

Landscape Design for a Park and Riverside Walk.


This section describes management options and maintenance guidelines for the park.
In order to instigate proceedings it will be necessary to establish a working group, where tasks are defined so management targets can be implemented and achieved.

Management Programme, Policy and Planning.
Appoint Management Team and manager.

Management responsibility may be delegated according to the following headings:
Recreational Landscape and Leisure Activity.
Recreational Safety and Safety and Health at work practices. (Legal requirements). 
Visitors Attraction and Amenity.
Finance. To draw up budget, delegate all funds and address on going fund-raising activities. Including grant applications.
Immediate short term priorities 6-12 months.
Identify key long-term tasks.
Educational Resource.
Sign Posting.
Publicity & Promotion.
Nature conservation.

The management team will have overall responsibility for implementing the suggestions outlined in this plan. The management team should bear in mind the following considerations:

1) Safe, comfortable and litter free amenity space.
2) Accessibility and Activity.
3) Good basic facilities.
4) Sensible design and site maintenance.
5) Complimentary development.
6) Interpretation and facilitation.
7) Security.
8) Regular upgrading and improvement.
9) Healthy and beautiful environment.
10) Full protection of the river resource
!1) Soil conservation, wildlife protection.
The team should ask young people for their help in the design of the playground

Publicity Team. A strong publicity team will influence local councilors and elected representatives. Remain active in lobbying and management.
Prepare 1 year (implementation plan),
3 year and 5 year (stage 2 maintenance plans) and 
15 year plan (stage 3 completed design.).
Liaise between Co Council, funding bodies, design team, residents, project teams, associates, contractors, local business', school's committees and local anglers.
Inform all of your intentions including Dept of Agriculture.
Recreational Safety and Safety and Health 

Appoint responsible person, as a Recreational Safety and Safety and Health 
at Work officer. 
Seek guidance from Health and Safety Authority and Dept Of Environment.
It is your legal responsibility to do so.

The appointed person will be responsible for a Health and Safety file , it's upkeep and the implementation thereof. Include: 
Car parking, road Safety, road Access to the Park and Safe Riverside Access. 
Employment and staff practices and sub contractors will require a safety statement.


Public safety and all other aspects identified as hazards and their potential risk.
Playground equipment and all materials used on site, when they are used and how. Monitoring of surfaces, playground equipment upkeep and maintenance.
Tools, Machinery and all work related practices need consideration.
Numbers of visitors and general public attitude to using the Park.

Appointed person to be fully and regularly kept in touch and be aware of bodies and 
legislation on issues relating to all aspects of health and safety, in particular tracking 
grants and incentives from public and private sources which will assist the group.

The Park should not open until:

Playground is installed and only after all construction, of Landscape, Marsh creation and after any other dangerous activity such as works / machinery are completed. 
The Access routes to the park from all sides of main Kerry / Limerick road be made good.
ie. car slowing measures.
Ensure clear pathway and pavement markings and regular renewal, including and especially garages on both sides of the road. 
Mark safe zebra crossings across the garage forecourts to ensure garage customers are not driving into children coming to the Park.
Litter removal especially glass. Aim to clean up bark mulch on regular basis
Provide water safety equipment.

Recreational Landscape and Leisure Activity management team.
It is intended that the Park will be utilised differently by the local community and 
the passer-by. Both are increasing in number.

Changing Activities 
By-passes and faster roads make stopping in Abbeyfeale a very logical option. 
The Park is situated at the quiet end away from the busier areas of the town of 
Abbeyfeale (most visitors will use cars).
Families with children will be attracted to the Park by the planned playground. 
We hope to encourage these families to walk to / through the Park

To enhance the quality of park environment.
Provide range of environmental friendly, recreational opportunities and playspaces.
Maximise community involvement.
Attract wildlife to the Park.
Maintain public picnic areas, buildings riverside walks, seating, views & sheltered open spaces.
Maintain tree, shrub and landscape features.
Minimise conflict of uses and environmental impact.
Complete to stage 2 of the Park design and hand on an established planting plan to a maintenance crew with 3, 5, and 15 year maintenance plan.

Landscape management team.

Create three person management team with the task of:
Carrying out and to oversee all planting for:
Trees and shrubs.
Landscape design implementation, construction and maintenance

Management administration.

The secretary should deal with the centralisation and subsequent circulation of all information.
It will also look after planning, insurance, legal affairs, rights of access and all updates in law. 
Monitor events regarding legal changes and rights of access. Aim to fully and regularly keep in touch and be aware of bodies and legislation on issues relating to recreation, in particular tracking grants and incentives from public and private sources which will assist the group.

Tasks for management: 
Appoint one full time responsible person for works to ensure all tasks are completed on time and according to plans.
Assess in first 3 months if works are done then again at 12 months.
Look at delegation strategy and replace ineffective team members. Assess all activities of group every 6 months and report to overall Park committee / team as required.
Monitor play equipment, children's trends and preferences, in all weather.


To understand the regional demands on your community and Bio-Regional, and the demands your community put on resources such as fund raising, in your area, the team should study what is meant by 'Green tourism'.
Protect and Utilise, without loss of quality, 
the river, 
river frontage, 
rights and fisheries, 
Get results of wildbird and wildlife habitats surveys. Aim to protect all flora and fauna


To attempt to create wildlife sanctuary within design.
Also riverside, floodplain, ponds and flood meadow habitat


The Park management team should attempt to liaise with all groups showing an interest in the river.
e.g. Up / down stream fisheries and fresh water groups, including Dept of Environment (water quality) and local Fisheries Department.

Environment and Nature.

Wildlife corridor - through the Park from the river.
Create a living link for wildlife from the river to road frontage - This encourages the predators of vermin and helps establish natural control checks on vermin.
A large number of berry forming trees and shrubs and edible tree seeds of value to the wildbird population has been included in the design.

Screening with trees will improve the views from the park,

Photograph shows how the rear of the garage and houses can be hidden. 

Conservation Features.
1) Entire river, river frontage, river views, riverside walk, old river bed and wetland.
2) All species therein and associated with primary:
Woodland / Hedgerow birds on riverbank.


The Park management team should attempt to lease with all groups showing an interest in the river.
e.g. Up / down stream fisheries and fresh water groups, including Dept of Environment (water quality) and local Fisheries Department.

Fishing Platforms
Employ engineering skills for placement and construction of gabions and fishing platforms.

Discuss placement of platforms.
Discuss fishing code of conduct for the site including litter removal from river and use dangerous fishing equipment. Fishermen should make an annual river clean-up at low water, directly in front of platform.
Use fishing platforms to introduce children to fishing.

Educational Resource

To encourage the use of the Park as an outdoor nature appreciation and study area.
In particular:
Providing healthy exercise in a fun competitive way which can heighten awareness of interpersonal and environmental surroundings.
Particular development is forecast in subjects of mathematics, biology, sciences, nature studies, communication skills, behaviour, role modeling.
Site specifically the Rosaceae family has been chosen to show the botanical nomenclature of trees and plants in general, planting designed from native wild parent through many single or double
flowered and different leaf colour than ancestor or parent groupings.

Nature Study Education
The family Rosaceae will be carefully laid out and represented.

Publicity and Promotion

Feature details of trees, river, playground, walks and Community Association work to date.
Develop press releases and policy for publicity and promotion.
Display park details in vacant shop windows around the town as 'job under progress'. 
Local councilors can assist in publicity and can should generate attention for press and at county level.

Impression of park in 5 years

Management Training
Horticultural Training.
Safety and Health at Work for Public including basic water safety/ lifesaving / 
First Aid training, all with a high regard to children in relation to:
a) Dirt, dog dirt, broken glass.
b) Sprains, shock and bruising.
c) Sunstroke and dehydration.
A safety training plan needs to be implemented and advice recorded and made site specific to the Park. Include details such as park employees washing their hands before treating the cuts and bruises of themselves and others.
Riverside manner and management includes:
a) Respect for Wetland Marsh / Wet Wood Habitat.
b) Worked Steep Slopes (forestry).
c) Coppice Woodland.
d) Maintenance of Pathways, Steep Slopes, Steps and Ramps.
e) Toilet Maintenance.
f) Public Service.
g) Car Park.
h) Machinery / use / driving/ maintenance and repair.
I) Plant Health.
j) The Park Superintendent should have naturally aligned Horticultural Skills for trees and shrub management where chemical solutions are only applied as a last resort.

Interpretation and events planning.

a) To sign post the site correctly with interpretation and educational signs.
b) To maintain and update the above.
c) To introduce new developments and assess existing developments.
d) To plan events to encourage more community participation and interaction.
e) Liaison office with schools and local groups.

Annual recurring financial costs, add to overall costs budget.

Buildings and other insurance. 000
Construction and road repair. 000
Replacement of matting, for playground. [ metre squared.] 40 
Safety equipment and seating when necessary 100 per year.
(start year 1 - do not set aside this issue).
Tool and machinery repair. 300 per year
Renew bark regularly - 1 to 2 yearly. ( until woodchip is produced from Park) 600 per year
Renew fencing and amenity planting in close proximity to main playground. 400 pa.
Replacement of Trees, Shrubs and Landscape Features 400 pa.

Visit Drawings for Abbeyfeale

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