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Wildflower  Groundcover


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Many low growing wild flowers are ground carpeting

In the wild, many low growing wild flowers are ground carpeting, because they are 'browsed', eaten by animals or live in places where the wind or salt restricts them from growing tall.  
Few of our wild flowers are true ground cover plants able to restricting the growth of other plants.  Wild flowers mainly tend to be weeds.   But wild flowers plants if planted & managed well cover the soil restricting the growth of weeds.
At DBN we blend a range of wild flowers, to create wild floral ground covers.  
Some plant species, while capable of growing to four feet, are species which tolerate cutting / 'browsing' and will continue to flower as shorter plants.
What ever the mixture, groundcover will assist in the low maintenance gardening.  Ground cover once established will restrict or eliminate most unwanted weeds.
Ground cover can prevent the soil drying out and if allowed to deposit its dead leaves around itself will feed the soil and nearby plants.
Slugs and snails will feed happily in ground cover so it is a good place to have them as they are not so dependent on more choice tender garden favourites.

Ground cover is very low cost and establishes quickly, especially when planted into a weed free mulch.

The rule is always plant a wild flower or a native species that will grow bigger than the weed that is in its place"

There are weeds that ground cover just won't suppress like vigorous Coltsfoot, Nettle, Couch Grass, Ground Elder and Creeping Bindweed.  In truth a tree is ground cover that will suppress all of the weeds you mention.  The rule is always plant a wild flower or a native species that will grow bigger than the weed that is in its place  Plants like Coltsfoot and Ground Elder are themselves excellent ground cover for large areas, sadly not suitable for the garden, but we use them on our larger landscape projects. If you want to eliminate these tough plants from your garden, use a newspaper mulch.  




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