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Orchard Mix

When planting orchard trees, it is best to suppress grasses from growing in the early years.  
DBN's Orchard and Sapling mixture contains species that suppress grasses and attract wildlife.  All that is required is that you sow it on clean ground and cut twice per year, remove the cuttings as a mulch to the base of the young orchard tree to feed the tree, retain moisture and suppress grass growth.


Wildlife orchards are by their nature very wild places. Instead of neat ordered rows of fruit bushes the wildlife gardener chooses the nature friendly route to achieve a fruit filled space.  Be tidy but not sterile.

The wild orchard should be properly designed, planted to attract beneficial wildlife and sheltered.

Plant many more trees and bushes than you think you will need to allow for culling and providing an excess to feed the wildlife, and fill it with ground cover plants and flowers.

marjoram.jpg (47488 bytes)

Grow raspberries especially wild raspberry under apple trees as they benefit each other   Walnuts should not be grown near other trees as they tend to restrict the growth of other trees, if you are limited in space plant mulberries between the Walnuts and other trees as mulberry can withstand the chemical root secretions of Walnut.

Working with and without Bullfinches.  Bull finches eat buds and can damage trees but also prune them, Plant fruit trees at least 20 feet away from hedgerow and shrubbery or the bullfinches will disbud all your apple and pear buds, but don't plant further than 60 feet out of the finches will not visit the tree at all, causing work by us having to disbud the over produced fruit.  The finches use the cover of shrubs to escape sparrow hawks and will not go to far out into an orchard.

Fallen fruit hosts disease and bugs, thrushes should be encouraged to eat these over winter, create a grassy path down the centre of the orchard to attract thrush.
Hedgehogs hibernate under brush (deadwood) heaps.  Avoid burning these in winter or check underneath for hedgehogs.  Pruning are best chipped and composted.
Some beneficial plant species to encourage in an orchard are mint, borage, comfrey, yarrow, clover, dandelion, sage, rosemary, wild strawberry, mosses and tansy

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Handing On Our Heritage
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Design By Nature (Ire) 
Monavea, Carlow, Ireland. 
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