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Peat Gardens

Blanket Bogs and Raised Bogs & Bog Gardens

In Ireland there are two main types of bog which are formed by peat. A blanket bog and a raised bog. In these bogs you will also find soils that are peaty podzols and peaty gleys. Raised bogs are found on low lying areas - mainly in the centre of Ireland.
Peat soils / Bogs are found throughout all of Ireland, even in mountainous areas. At DBN we characterise a raised bog as a dome shaped bog formed by mosses which is sitting in an area which was once a lake. Usually the peat in the dome is extremely deep and the bog is productive for cutting turf. These days most bogs have a new flora adapting  to changes
meadow_004.png (50970 bytes)
At DBN we characterise a blanket bog as a flat bog which had developed from sedges which grew on shallow soils over rock (whole mountainsides) and usually in the west of Ireland. Usually the peat in the blanket bog is shallow.

AT DBN we produce a mixture MM05 for peaty soils. While it grows on both raised and blanket bog, it is actually most ideal for peaty soils found elsewhere throughout Ireland.

If MM05 is to be used on a raised bog please contact DBN regarding the exact species to be included in the mixture. If MM05 is to be used on a blanket bog make sure that we have included Heathers in your mixture.

Please note that there are certain bogs protected by law. In such cases the local wildlife ranger or County Field Officer should be contacted before planting.

ragrobin_fieldwideangle.png (44076 bytes)

Cut - away raised bogs are found on low lying areas - mainly in the centre of Ireland.


Fens are alkaline bogs and the most important fen being the Pollardstown Fen. If you are planning to plant a fen with DBN wild flowers, please seek specialist advice from our staff.

Sowing Wild flowers on a Peaty Soil

Seedlings can be difficult to germinate on a peaty soil for the following reasons:

1. A peaty soil can remain wet during the soil preparation period and therefore the seeds often get sown late in the season. Because the seedlings have got a late start they may be prone to drought in the summer as peat soils do dry out.

2. Peaty Soils are prone to frost and again if autumn sown seedlings do not establish before the onset of winter, seedling losses may occur.

3. Peaty soils may have very few nutrients, especially through raised or blanket bogs. Seek advice on adding nutrients to a soil. 

4. Peaty soils can remain waterlogged during the critical sowing times. Therefore seed germination can be slow. 





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