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Getting Started: Wild flowers for a new garden


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New gardeners in new gardens should not spend money on expensive plants until the shelter belt, drainage, soil conditioning and design are finished.

When we buy a new house and take over a new garden we are faced with a number of challenges.  At Design By Nature we believe that the first step is to convince ourselves that those challenges must be faced in a low maintenance, wildlife friendly manner.  Therefore these are the following steps that we recommend:
  • Find out about your garden 

  • Ask the builder or the local gardeners about the locality.  Are you in a sunny place? Does the soil dry out in summer? Is the site windy?  Find out the names of the plants that are growing in the garden, in the locality and most importantly of all find out the names of the plants that grow best in your region.  Have a look and see what's growing in your neighbours gardens, and don't be afraid to ask about the plant because gardeners love to chat, ask for a cutting and if you cant find out the name ask in your local garden centre.
  • Find out about your soil - 'know your soil'.
"At Design By Nature, we design by nature because we ask what is nature doing on the site.  We don't impose our ideas until we fully understand what nature is doing"

Create your own new style

Now decide on the priorities you need for your new garden.  Here are a few that we think are universal:
  • The clothesline.
  • Sheds, bike lock-up's and fuel storage.
  • Dry surfaces and fast draining spaces for patios
  • Soft ground cover such as lawn
  • Trees, shrubs and flowers
  • Fruit, vegetables and herbs
  • Scent, texture and architectural plants
  • Species that flower over a long period and species for every season.  
  • Plants that have a specific function such as thorny hedges for security which also feed the birds.
  • Areas ear marked for the future like Greenhouses, conservatories and garages.
  • Technology - Airwave and underground

Every area can be linked to feeding or sheltering wildlife and be designed so that your garden is beautiful.  

The amount of maintenance you are prepared to put into your garden over the years should now be decided on. Wildlife gardeners tend not to want to work in the garden and prefer mixtures and species that require one cut a year.  


In new gardens, grow perennial plants close to the house in small manageable beds.  Over the years you can divide these and spread them out throughout your garden.  True to our style at Design By Nature we always start at the back door.  Work out in all directions and stop when it gets too much.  At that point we let the fairies take over at the bottom of the garden and give it over to real wildlife.

"Sandro, I hope you're not asking me to spend loads of money on my new garden?"

"No, In the early years you need to invest only in the structure of final trees and shrubs and a few packets of wildflower seed. Keep your cash for carpets, furniture and the mortgage.  

Its a waste off time planting expensive species when the soil is not ready and the wind still howls around the corner.  That is why wildflower mixtures are ideal for carpeting the new garden, they are instant, flower all summer and are low cost per metre squared"




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