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Gardening Section / low maintenance lawns

  Wildflowers.ie - Wildflower Gardening 

Flowering Lawns ..... an end to noisy mowers

Instead of cutting the lawn, you could be sitting in the hammock, watching the birds gather insects to feed there young....listening to the bees, 
just been very lazy at the End of Lawns.  

Mowing your lawn is getting more expensive every year.
Who has the time to cut a lawn every 10 days, isn't time so valuable?
Petrol prices are rising. Many lawn chemicals, feeds and moss killers are toxic. 
Waste grass cuttings pile up, Mulch mowers redistribute unwanted weeds. 
Lawn mowers are seen as eco unfriendly. 

The solution to cutting the grass............The End of Lawns is to start with your first meadow at the end of your lawn.

Wildflower Meadow Mixtures or wildflower lawns are easy to sow, they need only one cut a year, or four cuts per year to keep them very short like a lawn.. 
Wildflower lawns have become popular because they flower, are carbon eaters and well , us wildflower growers are a lazy lot....
We sell attractive flowering lawns with up to 40 species of wildflowers. 
They are very low maintenance.
Under trees they are no maintenance.


For gardeners, Design By Nature offer specialist low maintenance colourful wildflower mixtures delivered to your door by An Post's postal service. 
We produce and sell 50 different seed mixtures for anything from small cottage gardens to large estates and stud farms.

Mr. Sandro Cafolla, owner of Design By Nature. has spent years designing wild spaces and seed mixtures for gardens, you can benefit from that experience.
"What ever you choose always remember, Native wild plants while the ancestors of many garden plants are not bred to be showy like beds of Red Roses or Tulips, nor will they match the garish splash from hybrid shrub species or bedding plants selected for window boxes, instead they show the gardener has taste, a deeper understanding of nature and a will to save the planet" 
Where wildflowers are at there best is when they look like they should be growing in the place they occupy, when they look like 'no one is looking after them and when all else fails......... stick the deck chair amongst them and while away the hours

A shop will soon be online, but you can ring me, 087 2937143 or 056 4442526
I might be snoozing so try not to wake me.


Pages on this web about wildflower gardening.


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  2. Rural Garden  

  3. Urban Garden  - Large  or  Small 

  4. New Garden  

  5. Wildlife Garden  

  6. Trees and Woodland  

  7. Low growing mixtures : mini meadows

  8. Wildflower Groundcover  

  9. Pond

  10. Island beds

  11. Patio wildflowers and planters  

  12. Rockeries  

  13. Cold, damp areas   

  14. Shaded areas  

  15. Difficult areas (bare base of  hedge)  

  16. Exposed areas (windy places and seaside)  

  17. Peat Garden  - Bogs & Fens   

  18. Schools Gardening (EduCat)

  19. Alpine Garden  

  20. Wild Orchard Garden 

  21. Mulching

  22. Garden Style

  23. Tree and Shrub species that grown well in Ireland

  24. Low maintenance grass flowering lawn


Beware of sowing imported wildflowers, they are not native and therefore not wild.

For private gardeners, Design By Nature offer specialist low maintenance colourful wildflower mixtures delivered to your door by An Post's postal service.

hemp_agrimony_04png.png (263089 bytes)Description: Wildflower gardening is best described as placing native species in collections of plants that perform to the requirements of site and grower. 
The gardener should use both seeds and plants as the range available will be greatest.

When combining the typical garden informality in design and layout,  with wild flowers, its only your imagination that sets the limits. 

The gardener has a huge new range of species to choose when growing wildflowers, from a mixture suitable 'under a dry shaded hedge' to 'in full sun' or in 'a difficult wet patch', Design By Nature Irish wildflowers offer a solution.

From corn Marigold to Yellow Rattle, Foxglove to Wild Thyme, species can suit a range of different spaces.  Grow wildflowers in pots, trays, in beds and borders, as well as mini meadows without grass.  Wildflowers grown in the garden will attract beneficial insects.

While your aren't cutting the lawn, maybe you would look around this large web site and learn how to grow wildflowers



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R93 T289

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