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Update: You can sow wildflower seeds until June as long as rain is about  

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Garden Centre Product Press Release and News

Garden centre customer "Oh I see by the point of sale material that you sell wildflower seed!"

Garden centre staff can phone us, and we recommend the appropriate mixture for you customer

The critical information is to find the number of square metres your customer has to sow. 
We can only accept measurements in metres on the mobile phone, the office will be able to calculate how much seed is required for feet and yards (calculation is based on 1.5 grams per metre sq.)

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Dear Retail Garden Centre Customer,
Please request samples of our new wildflowers.ie Wildflower Seed Products.
As you know there is an ever-increasing demand for wildflower seed, but often not enough to warrant holding expensive stock.
At Design By Nature we have come up with the following solution, to help you occasionally sell wildflowers we are sending you a point of sale seed bag (enclosed) which contains no seed!
We would like you to place this bag on display and take orders and we will send the seed out as soon as possible, next day delivery on orders taken before 11am.
We are offering discount to retailers.

Taking an order, every garden is unique.
When your customer sees the wildflowers.ie bag in the shop they will be delighted to see that you stock Irish Native Wildflower seed.
Our experience is that every customer has a different site, location and has unique needs and therefore will require a different maintenance plan.
To this end Design By Nature offers a full range of mixtures, over 30 mixtures and free advice on the phone.

The USP (unique Selling Point) no stock, no hassle
You do not have to carry stock or know about wildflowers.
Instead you phone us up directly when the customer is in the shop we will help you or your customer choose the best mixture for their site/garden.
All we need is the size of the area to be sown and some details about the site.
Even better you can set up a permanent web address link to the following page and fill in the details online:
Online Site Survey_Presowing Details Then please text or call the following phone number to let me know you have sent an email (due to 'Spam' we are no longer online all the time); Mr Sandro Cafolla on mobile 087 2937143 Wildflower expert :9am - 6pm Monday to Sunday (garden centres only) Sandro will answer any inquiry and suggest the best mixture for the customer's garden. We will talk to the customer direct if required. DBN has low growing, short cut meadows for the front of the lawn and tall for the back of the planting scheme, up to a hedge, a quick look at our pricelist will show a huge range of mixtures. Most mixtures are sold by soil type or designed to perform a certain function.

Sales office: 056 4442526 this phone has an answering machine it's for when the mobile is out of range.

The order confirmation text message or email must have the retail buyers name on top.  
Provide a delivery address, as well as the amount and the suggested mixture. 
Following our advice you then reply in conformation of the order and we send out the seed A.S.A.P.

VAT Notice; Where Wildflower seed is mixed with  grass seed Vat is payable at 13.5%.

All mixtures are available with or without grass, specialist advice should be sought as to whether the customer should or should not use grass seed with wildflower mixtures.  If in doubt consult the Grower Manual.


When a customer comes into the shop and sees the wildflowers.ie bag, they are going to want to know how they order the wildflowers seeds. You show them the price list, the Growers Manual and let them choose themselves. Hence saving your shop assistants valuable time. If the customer cannot make up their mind, get them to ring us from the shop - our mobile number is provided. We will then talk to the customer and take the order.

The shopkeeper who wishes to take an order below the minimum order of euro 30  will have to buy at least the minimum order, hold the stock themselves and split the order to suit their customers requirements.
Discount is on net purchase price, not including VAT or postage.

Contact: Design By Nature Address and Numbers




Irish Wildflower Growers - Native Irish Seeds & Meadow Mixtures for any Situation - Established 1990

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Contact / Address: Mr. Sandro Cafolla. t/a DESIGN BY NATURE (Ire).

Monavea, Crettyard, Via Carlow, Co Laois. Ireland. 

Ph: 353 (0)56 4442526 Email: info@wildflowers.ie

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