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Wild Native
seed, plants 
seed mixtures, 
25 years+

Hardy Native Wildflower Bare- 
Rooted Nursery Stock Plants Price List: 
Planteens, Plants and Plugs

Prices excluding Vat @ 13.5% (Ireland and E.U.) - 
Include 15% Extra for postal delivery. (Ireland and E.U)

Terms & condition's apply.  

Limited stock available, species, sizes 
and price likely to change season by season. 

Orders should be placed well in advance of delivery.

Click here to visit Species Data Pages

Bare root x 1  Plug x 1 Potted x 1
Birdsfoot Trefoil, Lotus corniculatus €0.90 €0.90 €2.50
Black Meddick, Medicago lupulina   €0.80 €1.90
Cowslip, Primula veris €1.20 €0.90 €1.80
Devil's Bit Scabious, Succisa pratensis €1.80 €1.50 €2.25
Field Scabious, Knautia arvensis €3.50 €0.90 €2.80
Fleabane, Pulicaria dysenterica €0.55 €1.80 €5.60
Foxglove, Digitalis purpurea   €0.90  
Hemp Agrimony, Eupatorium cannabinum   €1.80  
Kidney Vetch, Anthyllis vulneraria   €1.20  
Lady's Bedstraw, Galium verum €1.80 €0.90  
Lesser Knapweed, Centaurea nigra   €0.80  
Marjoram, Origanum vulgare €1.20 €0.80 €1.50
Ox-eye Daisy, Leucanthemum vulgare €0.50 €0.60  
Purple Loosestrife, Lythrum salicaria €2.50 €1.20  
Ragged Robin, Lychnis flos-cuculi €1.20 €1.20  
Red Campion, Silene dioica €2.50 €1.20  
Selfheal, Prunella vulgaris   €0.80  
St. Johnswort, Hypericum perforatum €1.20 €1.50  
White Campion, Silene alba   €1.20  
Woundwort, Stachys palustris   €1.50  
Yarrow, Achillea millefolium €0.50 €0.80  
Yellow Agrimony, Agrimonia eupatoria   €1.80  
Yellow Flag Iris, Iris pseudacorus €1.80    
Yellow Rattle, Rhinanthus minor   €0.90  
Greater Knapweed, Centaurea scabiosa     €5.60
Meadow Crainsbill, Geranium pratense   €1.20  
Mint, Mentha aquatica   €1.40  
Musk Mallow, Malva moschata   €1.20  
Sea Campion, Silene maritima     €3.50
Minimum Orders apply,  Potted plants collection only or by arrangement, 

Postage is extra, Vat 13.5% exclusive

Delivery available with large orders

Design By Nature. Crettyard, Carlow, Ireland. Phone 056 4442526.
Email: sales@wildflowers.ie 

Bare-rooted plants are field grown 
Bareroot Age = 0+1, 0+2, 1+0, 2+1, 
The first digit is how long in the nursery as a seedling, 
the second digit  = how long growing on in the field. 
0+2 = directly sown in the field.

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Sandro's Famous Wildflower Seeds - Handing On Our Heritage

Hand picked quality perennials    Great Irish Horticulture 

Mr. Sandro Cafolla t/a   Design By Nature (Ire) 

Monavea, Carlow, Ireland. Eircode R93 T289

DBN is a Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine, (DAFM) :

Registered Native Sourced Irish Wildflower Seed Grower, Harvester, 

Supplier, Processor, Mixer and Packer DAFM Registered No: IECS152

Vat No : IE 3656298P | Business Reg: 109182

EU Plant Health Pass: EUPP/IRL/DAFF/2684.

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