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Design By Nature - Grass Seed

In Ireland, in general, unless for specific reasons we tend 'not' to recommend wildflower seed mixtures to be blended and sown with grass seed, as the soils are too wet, the grass grows far to fast and the seed is not native, where the grass seed in your soil is native. 

We do recommend grass seed for slopes, weedy sites, dry sites special performance mixtures, wintergreen cover, erosion control and ware and tare or to fit the landscape setting. 

Typical grass species supplied with standard wildflower seed mixtures:

Highland Browntop Bent : Agrostis castellana
Brown Top:  Agrostis capillaris
Meadow Fescue:  Festuca pratensis
Chewings Fescue :  Festuca Rubra 'Commutata'

Also available:

Yorkshire Fog, 
Crested Dogs Tail, 
Smooth Stalked Meadow Grass,  
Brown Top Bent 
Hard Fescue

Wildflower seed mixtures can be blended with grass seed, the aim should be for no more than 40% of the total soil area covered with mature grasses.

There too many different types of wildflower and grass mixtures to list, Instead we produce bespoke mixtures to suit sites that require grass.

The correct way to calculate seed is by %, percentage

If your are ordering  wildflowers seed blended with grass seed, you must have details of the recommended sowing rate.

The correct rate for wildflower sowing in Ireland is 1.5 (normal) or 3 (high) grams of flora per square metre. 

Why is the rate different?  The flora, climate and soil types are different. The UK research was carried out at different longitudes and latitudes. Our grass grows faster, richer and flowers at different times than on mainland UK.  Our wildflower flowering times are also different and often later for many species of flower especially deeper rooted plants. 
The main reason is that much our native Irish grassland has a far higher degree of forbes to grasses and our grasses look more natural when sown at far lower grass seed rates. The result will be floristically richer and the grasses will look more natural. If you seek a very grassy sward and wish to use British seeding rates then be prepared for less flowers and far more cutting.

The following guide may help you sort out your own requirements. 

The standard blends are 1, 1.5 or 3 grams of wildflower seed with 10%, 20%, 30%, 50%, 80%, 90% and 95% grass seed, depending on your site and what you wish to achieve.

Weights: 1 Kilo = 1000 Grams / 1 gram = 00.001 kilo.

1.5 gram is also written as 00.015 gram, 0.015gm

Normal Sowing rates for Ireland.  1.5 gram Flora + 50% grass = 1.5gram + 1.5gm grass = 3 gram total mixture or 00.003 kg or . 003



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